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100 Percent Giveaway - Last Call starts tomorrow


Not only is this the last call for this Giveaway that starts tomorrow, but due to lack of mutual participation as explained below in the article "What comes around goes around", this will probably be the last time, event, and giveaway featuring Roger Hyatt that we will ever promote.


What comes around goes around


In the Internet Marketing world we firmly believe and practice when at all possible the - what comes around goes around - rule.


Recently we have been receiving many direct requests from people to promote their event, usually a giveaway, and obviously without considering what they have or have not done for us.


For new folks or those we have never promoted before, on more occasions then not we will promote their event once. Then if we do not receive reciprocal promotion it will probably never happen again.


The first thing that happens when we receive a request to promote an event is we check our events for the last three months to see if they have participated in our event and to what extent.


If the result is negative we will not promote their event and completely ignore the request, or we will try to give the promotion the same equal promotion we feel we were afforded.


There are a few exceptions to this rule as mentioned above relative to new folks and the other exception being friends of ours whom may not promote every offer of ours, but promote many or most of them and we have an ongoing working alliance with them.


Last but not least, some folks recent events that we would promote or participate in - we have not due to the theme of the event in which we have nothing to offer.


Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Merry Christmas Giveaway - AECNU - $1000 Referral Contest

Launches on:     11/30/2009
Closing Doors:   12/31/2009


Hot Resale Rights Giveaway - Our Friend and Neighbor to the North Paul Pavel

Launches on:     11/16/2009
Closing Doors:   11/30/2009


100 Percent Giveaway - Hosted by Roger Hyatt and Ryan Bessling

Launches on:     11/13/2009
Closing Doors:   11/30/2009


Fall Harvest Giveaway - Hosted by Paul Klein and Brad Smith

Launches on:     11/16/2009
Closing Doors:   11/26/2009


Webmaster Control Gifts Giveaway - Hosted by Brad Smith and Alex Perez Pratt

Launches on:     11/18/2009
Closing Doors:   12/02/2009


New JV Talent New Year Giveaway - Hosted by Paul Teague

Launches on:     01/01/2010
Closing Doors:   01/10/2010




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Bob Writes In .....


As everyone knows, we spell Bob's name backwards so that no one will know whom we are talking about :-)

Your latest newsletter ROCKS!

I just wanted you to know that there are more of us
conservative thinkers out here than you may have previously realized. I commend you for taking a stand based upon your principles and core values.

These are indeed times to try men's' souls, and the public at large is perhaps finally waking up to the incremental erosion of freedom and liberty they are enduring - all in the name of "security."

We must heed the warning of Benjamin Franklin, who wisely said "Those who would trade their liberty for security shall ultimately have neither." (Paraphrased from memory).

I just wanted you to know there's at least one other like-minded person out here - even if I'm "across the pond" from your locality. I'll continue to eagerly look forward to your newsletters.

Keep your voice strong and your message clear!



US Government mostly ignorant of US Constitution
Considering the overall ignorance of most Politicians - it is not so surprising that a good part of the United States Government swears to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States - the Supreme Law of the Land - yet most of them do not have a clue of what it contains nor how it is meant to limit the Government, not the citizens.

Actually without any additional surprise, this sounds extremely familiar to the way they sign and pass bills these days.

This not a partisan problem, violation of the Constitution is happening on both sides of the fence and they like to give themselves authority that they do not legally possess.

In addition, they have made themselves God's like Doctors and Lawyers have also done in the US, when in contrast in my country being a computer technician or auto mechanic is regarded as a higher and better paid profession.

Do not forget people, relative to the Politicians, Doctors, and Lawyers,  there is NOTHING special about these people, they put their pants on the same way that we do. Contrary to their own belief, they are NOT Gods.

A question posed that I want to know the answer from any of these politicians is "where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?"

Well for those whom do not know - it doesn't.

As a matter of fact you can add to their lack of authority under the  Constitution: Scamulus Packages, Bank Bailouts, Firing people from their jobs (GM President), giving up or signing treaties that encroach on US Sovereignty, wire tapping, etc. etc.

and once again they do not have the authority to do any of those things under the authority the Constitution provides them and therefore anything they have done outside of their authority should legally be null, void, illegal and should be determined and prosecuted as criminal.

One of the serious problems is however, that it takes so long to go through the courts that the Government gets away with the illegal activities until the court decides, and then when it is found they acted illegally - in most cases they suffer no significant punishment as they should suffer just as the people they serve would if they had committed the crime. Rarely are these people truly facing justice, another problem that needs to be addressed.

Now they are trying to mandate health care with consequences of non compliance being prison (see article towards bottom of page titled "Health care ALARM: You could face 5 years in prison and $250,000 in fines if you don't comply") is not only not within their authority, but absolutely inhumane and insane.

Recently from President and going down a long list the Government has shown nothing but contempt for the Constitution, Rule of law, and the rights of the citizens. Obviously they need permanently replaced and possibly We The People can mandate that before they can hold public office that THEY must have passed a test on Constitutional Law and know what their limitations are before they can hold office - they are the servants, not us.

For more on this issue of the Government having contempt for the Law of the Land more commonly known as the US Constitution which they swore to uphold, see - A Minority View: Constitutional Contempt

Private Advance Notice for our Subscribers Only








Rampant Giveaway Fraud

We just received an email from Guido Nussbaum announcing the final winners of his referral contest in his Halloween Giveaway.

Though it is obvious that massive fraud has taken place by a simple examination of the statistics, shown below for your convenience, it appears that Guido will be rewarding the largest perpetrators of the fraud with contest cash rather then busting them and disqualifying them as they clearly deserve.

Instead of fairness and a level playing field for all contributors involved, the fraud will go on, and many hard working innocent people will have been cheated.

I guess these unfortunate folks are just not part of the "CLICK" of cheaters.

Lets take a brief look at the statistics shall we??

We shall start with the Contributors Statistics .....

Lets see here, 1907 Contributors but only 255 active gifts?? Well then by a very conservative estimation there should be no more then 255 Contributors ..... the rest are frauds whom did not contribute anything.

Next lets examine the statistics for Members .....

wow a whopping 1809 Members which is great, no sarcasm intended, the problem here is there are 1907 Contributors.

The stats show that there were more contributors then Members - in our over four years of hosting giveaways and examining these statistics of the gifts vs so called contributors vs members, it is my opinion and obvious to me that this could only happen in massive fraud perpetrated by the same contributors whom will be rewarded for their fraudulent efforts ..... We at AECNU will not be participating in anymore of Guido's events until he convinces us that this fraud problem has been permanently and adequately addressed, but we will not be holding our breath.

Take a look at the stats for yourself and you be the judge ..... Fraud???

Halloween Giveaway Stats

 11-11-09 16:00 hrs EEST

Site Statistics

Total Members: 1809

Free Members: 1801

Silver Members: 4

Gold Members: 0

Platinum Members: 4


Total Contributors: 1907

Free Contributors: 1807

Silver Contributors: 46

Gold Contributors: 18

Platinum Contributors: 36


Active Gifts: 255

Active Offers: 14

Active Banners: 59

Active Profiles: 39




 and speaking of fraud .....

Age of Greed and Deception - Some of the Dark Secrets of AARP finally exposed to light

The Wall Street Journal on so called Health Care Reform

Health care ALARM: You could face 5 years in prison and $250,000 in fines if you don't comply

The American Family Association (AFA) has renewed its call for AARP constituents to cancel their memberships due to the group's endorsement of the Democrats' health "reform," claiming the organization no longer represents the best interests of the elderly.

"AARP claims to be all about representing the interests of seniors," AFA said in a statement, "but when it comes to health care reform, they are selling seniors down the river to line their own pockets."


The spirit behind the health care reform is to drastically increase the power of the government, and to steal wealth from producing members of American society in order to give it to the moochers of society.

This is great stuff from the Wall Street Journal on health care…

It is a short post regarding a government-loving health care reform supporter and the motives behind his cause.


Representative Pete Sessions of Texas explains there are no "unintended" consequences to the House's health care bill that passed this weekend. The outcomes are quite certain... It will raise premiums & impose over $700 billion in new taxes.

Rep. Sessions also draws attention to a terrible provision hidden in the bill that will make it a felony offense - punishable by five years in prison and a $250,000 fine - for any individual who does not participate in the program or pay the mandated penalties.

Even the Democrat-controlled Senate found this provision too extreme, and removed it from its own version of the bill.





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