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Spoke Too Soon about Giveaway Currencies

After we have had time to absorb the statistics of two giveaway events running side by side - one in dollars by AECNU and the other in Euro by GCS LTD. - we found no significant difference in the amount of Partner upgrades or revenues generated by the event.

However, we did find a bug in the script that does not convert the JV Partner OTO's to the chosen currency.

We have contacted the script writer and he assured me that he will be addressing this issue today :-)

This does not mean that he will have a cure today ..... but he will be looking at the issue and a possible solution.

That is what we like :-) Solutions people - almost anybody can point out a problem - but it is the solutions people that make the world go round :-)




2 development slowdown???

No not really - we have just been busy using and developing some sites with it ourselves :-)

and the more we use it the more we love it :-)

We will be highlighting some more sites we have produced with FacePressSite in the very near future :-) the key to easy professional websites at your fingertips .....



Photoshop PSD Graphics for All Update .....

We are now in the "P's" of the transfer of the PSPSDGFA files to the new server which promises faster downloads :-)

All the Gig's of graphics files are still being served from our Europe based server - not that this server is slower - the problem and bottleneck is the pipe between the US and Europe - One transatlantic fiber that is only half lit because nobody wants to invest the dough on the opposite ends to light up the other half :-(

Therefore during our transfer we continue our almost half price sale on Full Membership and you can take advantage of this if you are so inclined by clicking here

Soon the price will be back to normal and we will be ramping up all the new graphics, plugins, and products we have awaiting the server file transfer .....



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+ 814-746-4816

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Hot Summer Vacation Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU
Launches on: 06/15/2011
Closing Doors: 06/30/2011


Fathers Day Giveaway - Hosted by GCS LTD.
Launches on: 05/31/2011
Closing Doors: 06/30/2011


Super Summer Giveaway - Hosted by Crystal Ayers
Launches on: 05/21/2011
Closing Doors: 06/04/2011


Internet Marketing Gifts Giveaway - Hosted by Paul Pavel
Launches on: 05/23/2011
Closing Doors: 06/06/2011


Memorial Day JV Giveaway - Hosted by David Railey
Launches on: 05/27/2011
Closing Doors: 06/03/2011


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A "vote of no confidence" in the U.S. gov't

Euro crisis is spiraling out of control

Who's Being Bailed Out? The Banks!

From Newsmax:

The dollar is in a heap of trouble, says real estate billionaire Sam Zell. And with the United States economy in such disarray, he sees Latin America as very attractive, particularly Colombia, Peru, and Chile.

"We're printing money at a staggering rate. It all comes down to how much longer everybody is going to be willing to take a depreciating currency," Zell tells CNBC.

The dollar hit a 33-month low in late April.

"We have to address the debt issues. The falling dollar is a vote of no confidence of the government of the United States."

Meanwhile, economic growth is humming in...

From Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis:

No matter how you label it, Greece is going to default.

Nonetheless, like an ostrich with its head in a hole, the ECB remains in firm denial of the obvious.

The situation is made all the more humorous because Jean-Claude Junker, the head of the euro-zone finance ministers, keeps looking for words other than default or restructuring to describe the default that is clearly coming.

A couple days ago Junker proposed "re-profiling." When that went over like a lead balloon, he trotted out the phrase…

It is important to recognize that no countries are being bailed out. The US nor Greece are being bailed out, nor Ireland, nor Portugal.

Rather, in the respective countries the emergency loans serve to bail out the banks on the backs of US, Greek, Irish, and Portuguese taxpayers.

All the countries have to sign off on these bailout maneuvers. Finland came close to trashing the arrangement but conditionally hopped on the Portugal bailout train.

However, public sentiment against more bailouts is building in Germany, Finland, Ireland, and other countries.



Continued Below...

The TRUTH of the matter is that these same arrogant snot nosed banks that are raping everyone at unbelievable percentage rates (anything over 1% in the US is all profit to the banks) are looking down their long spindly noses at the very people whom are inevitably paying for the bailout of Banking Industry incompetence and the Governments are facilitating the rape - of no other then the taxpayers.

The Governments on both sides of the ocean are 100% guilty of holding the tax payers down while the Banks give us a royal FXXXXXX simultaneously with these bailouts and in some cases loaning us back our own money (if they choose to extend the credit) at ridiculous interest rates!

Let them FAIL and let the BANKS take the royal FXXXXXX they deserve instead of continued facilitating the theft from the tax payers - the Banks WILL CERTAINLY BE replaced by a better banking model!

  News Busted (Humor)

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