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Greetings Friend, welcome to another edition of the AECNU JV Partners Newsletter :-)

1) Giveaways Seeking Contributors

2) Java, Scripts, and Software Downloads Sneak Peek

3) Global Telephone Systems another Sneak Peek

4) Can Not Trust Internet Marketers and why

5) Giveaways Accepting Members



Giveaways Seeking Contributors


Independence Day Giveaway - 300 USD Referral Contest

Launches on:     06/30/2009
Closing Doors:   07/31/2009


Flag Day Giveaway

Launches on:     06/12/2009
Closing Doors:   07/11/2009


No Good Reason Giveaway

Launches on:     06/14/2009
Closing Doors:   06/30/2009


Hot Resell Rights Giveaway

Launches on:     06/15/2009
Closing Doors:   06/30/2009


The Massive Summer Giveaway

Launches on:     06/16/2009
Closing Doors:   09/30/2009



Java, Scripts, and Software Downloads Sneak Peek

Though this is not our official announcement of the opening of our new Java, Scripts, and Software Downloads web store ..... we thought we would give our subscribers a heads up and a sneak peek to our new store and it seems some of you have already found it :-)

Though it is not completely stocked yet :-( it is fully functional and has a lot of great products to choose from with most priced at $5

So check it out ..... Java, Scripts, and Software Downloads web store



Global Telephone Systems another Sneak Peek

Here is another sneak peek - but this time it is related to our new Global Telephone Systems web site which is one of our core businesses outside of Internet Marketing.

Though we have not added the Unlimited Calling Plans yet nor a few other things we have lined up, the site is fully functional and ready to take orders :-)

This particular site is owned by our sister company GCS LTD. in Europe and it is directed at the EU market with rates already containing VAT.

Currently the site does not have an affiliate program which will be certainly coming soon ..... but we are looking for offline Distributors within the EU of the printed Calling Cards. If interested in learning more about this opportunity be sure to contact us via the web site contact us form :-)

Global Telephone Systems



Can Not Trust Internet Marketers and why

Recently we received an email from Melvin Perry a fairly well known Internet Marketer and the title of that email was the same as this article.

We believe the information from that email was valuable enough to take an excerpt from it to pass on to our subscribers.

Melvin writes:

With all the product launches we've been
bombarded with that provides no real
value, who are we able to trust nowadays?

A lot of us have spent thousands already
this year on over hyped products that
give out the same boring information
that we've already bought.

When does this endless cycle of rehashing

Well Melvin, you hit it right on the head with those statements - and anyone whom has been in this industry even for just a short time knows what Melvin is talking about.

But what is even worse is people like Ken Reno whom sell products with a Guarantee with no intention of honoring that guarantee. What good is a guarantee that is not honored - worthless.

So folks pay close attention whom you are dealing with and do not let the word Guarantee be a deciding factor in your purchase because obviously for some, like Ken Reno, it means absolutely nothing and they are smiling as they rip you off using their lies and rhetoric.



Giveaways Accepting Members


Fathers Day Giveaway - Just Opened!

Launches on:     05/31/2009
Closing Doors:   06/30/2009


Free Membership Central Event - Open

Launches on:     05/11/2009
Closing Doors:   12/31/2020


Memorial Day Giveaway - Open

Launches on:     05/25/2009
Closing Doors:   06/14/2009


IM Tools Giveaway

Launches on:     06/08/2009
Closing Doors:   06/15/2009

To YOUR success!

                Joseph Anderson CEO, AECNU Internet & Computers



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