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We at AECNU have been working hard to figure out what is worth staying into and what parts of our business to retire in our Internet Marketing portion of our business.

Though it was never announced or promoted, at this point we have chosen to crap can our classified ad web site due to the possible liabilities and possible legal wrangling involved especially when it concerns or deals with the litigation hungry UPSA. However, we will be keeping the sister PPC marketing website and business which has been doing quite well.

Our FacePressSites adventure we will be continuing though we have not been promoting it lately ..... but continuing it with a brand new business model and it is already being redesigned with a totally new web site due to the massive changes. We will redirect the domain when we believe we are ready with our new program.

Our Java Script Software Downloads web site is undergoing a re-make too - with other then the design changes we will be adding an affiliate program, a guarantee of sorts, and changing the funding flow.

On relevant which is mostly the IM portion of our business, we will be transferring the authority and payments to GCS LTD. to avoid Pennsylvania's greed approach at Online Business (see article below)



Merry Christmas - cancelled by Overstock

This morning we received an email from Overstock that they are dropping us from there CJ Affiliate program due to Pennsylvania's unconstitutional tax tactics.

We would show the exact letter that we received but due to the non-disclosure attached thereof we cannot.

However at the risk of being in trouble ..... lol ..... what can they do they already cancelled our account due to Pennsylvania ..... we quote the following:

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently issued a tax bulletin entitled “Sales and Use Tax Bulletin 2011-01” which seeks to redefine portions of Pennsylvania tax laws to require remote sellers doing business with advertising affiliates in Pennsylvania to collect and remit sales tax.

We believe that the bulletin is contrary to U.S. Supreme Court precedent, prohibiting states from imposing on remote sellers these obligations, except where there is sufficient nexus or connection with the taxing state., Inc. ("Overstock") has no tax nexus in any state other than Utah.

While we disagree that the use of affiliate advertising services of itself establishes the required level of nexus with the state in which those services are provided, because of the bulletin, and rather than undertake the burdens imposed by it, Overstock must regretfully discontinue its relationship with advertising affiliates in Pennsylvania.

We believe there will be further ramifications due to this Unconstitutional actions committed by Pennsylvania and have already come up with an alternative game plan ..... we will re-apply with our European Company and Pennsylvania can kiss our assets goodbye.

As Sovereign Man has preached to us many times - plant many flags so that you may remain to be Sovereign Man/Woman and out from under the thumb of these dictatorships.

Next Stop Uruguay with its "Go Straight To Hell US Gov" secret banking, low cost of living, easy immigration, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for All attitude.



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+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Merry Christmas JV Giveaway

Merry Christmas JV Giveaway - Your Host Hans Castiglioni
Launches on: 12/09/2011
Closing Doors: 12/31/2011


A Christmas Carol Giveaway

A Christmas Carol Giveaway - Your Host Jeffrey Pallindino
Launches on: 12/10/2011
Closing Doors: 12/25/2011


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Amerika has become the New Nazi threat of the world?

"Tin Foil Hat" theory could now be fact

S&P threatens to downgrade every major European bank... and the entire EU itself

From Washington's Blog:

I – like everyone else – am horrified by the Senate's passage of legislation that would allow for indefinite detention of Americans.

And at first, I – like many others – assumed that Obama's threat to veto the bill might be a good thing. But the truth is much more disturbing.

As former Wall Street Street editor and columnist Paul Craig Roberts correctly notes:

The Obama regime's objection to military detention is not rooted in concern for the constitutional rights of American citizens. The regime objects to military detention because the implication of military detention is that detainees are prisoners of war.

As Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin put it: Should somebody determined "to be a member of an enemy force who has come to this nation or is in this nation to attack us as a member of a foreign enemy, should that person be treated according to the laws of war? The answer is yes."

Detainees treated according to the laws of war have the protections of the Geneva Conventions. They cannot be tortured. The Obama regime opposes military detention, because...
From SHTFplan:

... As many of our readers know, the U.S. Senate recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which, it has been argued, authorizes the establishment of domestic war zones and the subsequent detention of those who are suspected of engaging in terrorist-related activity - including, arguably, U.S. citizens.

What you may not know, however, is that just days after the passage of the act reports are surfacing that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, is requisitioning private contractors to provide services for government, defense, and infrastructure pertaining specifically to FEMA activities with respect to emergency services.

At first glance, this may seem like no big deal.

Why shouldn't the government prepare for emergencies?

However, a review of an e-mail made available through Info Wars from Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a subsidiary of mega-government contractor Halliburton, notes that...

From Zero Hedge:

Not sure why the market is surprised by this, but it is.

S&P PLACES LARGE BANK GROUPS ACROSS EUROZONE ON WATCH NEG - BNP, SocGen, Commerzbank, Intesa, Deutsche... pretty much everyone.

EUROPEAN UNION'S AAA RATING MAY BE CUT BY S&P - you KNOW Barroso, Juncker, and Gollum are going to take this very personally

In short:

Commerzbank AG, Natixis S.A., Credit Agricole S.A., Eurohypo, Deutsche Bank L-T counterparty credit rating, Deutsche Postbank AG, Intesa Sanpaolo,Societe Generale L-T counterparty credit, UniCredit SpA, Credit Du Nord L-T counterparty credit, Comapgnie Europeenne de Garanties et Cautions, Credit Foncier de France, Locindus S.A., Rabobank Nederland, CACEIS, Banca IMI SpA, Ulster Bank, Banque Kolb, Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. ratings may be cut by S&P.

Basically, S&P just told Europe it has two days to get the continent in order... or else.

Said otherwise, it just called Europe's bluff. The problem is...




  News Busted

  News Busted

  Newt Gingrich

Europe's Transition from Democracy to Oligarchy

  Newt Gingrich


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