Subject: Possibility right now to put a STOP to this fast train to socialism and bigger Government!




Greetings Friend, we interrupt our regularly scheduled newsletter to bring you this special AECNU JV Partner announcement :-)

We at AECNU try not to be too Politically involved in the Democrat vs. Republican fight as we firmly believe to this day that neither party fully or actively represents our conservative constitutionalist beliefs and principles.


Therefore we publish non-mainstream media perspectives because the main stream media is not telling the whole tale as always.


As most of those folks that are like minded conservatives and/or constitutionalists, think we are all stranded and possibly doomed waiting for the November elections to make a big change in the direction the US is currently heading.


However, there is a possibility right now to put a stop to this fast train to socialism and big government by de-seating the 60 seats the Democrats hold in the Senate!


Right NOW Democrats are at risk of losing their 60th Senate seat in what was progressive Ted Kennedy's seat and allowing Republicans to block every piece of progressive legislation.


The Massachusetts special election is in just 11 days and Republican Scott Brown needs your help immediately to capture this seat, derail the democrat majority, and stop the madness train that has been rolling over us ever since the Democrats have had a majority including the Presidency.


As evidenced in the Health Care Train and many other things, the Democrats have had the ability to pass any legislation they want regardless of what WE THE PEOPLE want.


Please consider a donation to the Republican Scott Brown to help force the loss of the 60th vote the Democrats currently hold in the Senate which allows them to force ANYTHING upon WE THE PEOPLE.


You DO NOT need to wait until November - we can fight back now!


Donate to Republican Scott Brown to help defeat the Democrat 60 seat majority in the Senate Today!


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To America's Furture!

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