Subject: Partner with us on brand new "Java Scripts Magician" Software


Greetings Friend :-)

Something Brand New to Sell Now!

JV Partner with us on our brand new "Java Scripts Magician" product launch - it is ready now!

A couple years ago, if memory serves me well, a product called Java Script Magic was launched by a marketer that I do not recall for $27, that reportedly did very well with it's content of 33 Java Scripts.

For the past 6 months we have been working on a similar product titled "Java Scripts Magician" which far out reaches the Java Script Magic product with web design benefits and capabilities with it's contents of over 650+ scripts

Check out the Java Scripts Magician Product Page and Video

This is your personal invitation and opportunity to make some cash by offering your clients a brand new product by virtue of partnering with us in the launch of this product with 50% commission on your referred sales plus a fr/ee copy to those with 10 or more referred sales.

To join us as a JV Partner and get your personalized referral links click here

Promotional Materials are here

We will be adding more promo material today!

To YOUR success!

                Joseph Anderson CEO, AECNU Internet & Computers



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