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Obvious Desperation: Marketers selling junk


There is obviously a lot of desperate Internet Marketers out there trying to make a living even if it means lying and stealing as we have observed ourselves and as indicated in an article by Gauher Chaudhry titled "A disturbing Internet Marketing Trend"


an excerpt from the article that we want to bring to our readers attention is as follows:

In the recent months, there have been a rash of new products that have come to the market (mainly advertised on Clickbank) that promise huge fortunes if followed properly.

What I am seeing is that they offer a 5, 6, 11 click type solutions meaning that if you follow a certain number of easy steps, you will turn on an unstoppable wave of traffic that will make you rich overnight.

I like to call these type of offers, “Ghost” offers. Here is why:

1. The sales letter is extremely hyped up with unrealistic income claims.

2. The sales letter gives no indication of what the product is or what it really does. Only that it will make you rich.

3. Product is relatively cheap (i.e $27-$37) and that is because they are ready to hit you with a gazillion up sells. (I wouldn’t sell a product for $27 if I knew it could show you how to make $50,000 in 14 days. Would you?)

4. They tell you everything the product is NOT, but not what the product is.

A vast majority of these products are useless and will do almost nothing for your online success.  Many are just rehashed materials of older outdated methods.

Click here to read the full article





Obvious Desperation: Marketers selling email addresses/lists


Have you noticed mass numbers of emails coming to you from marketers whose names you're familiar with (or maybe not) but you can't seem to recall ever signing up with?

I certainly have.

It seems that it's becoming a pretty popular practice lately to sell off email lists to other marketers in the biz as well as to those in related businesses - which some do while still promoting to those lists.

It's a little more obvious to me when it happens, than it is for most to notice, as I almost always sign up for an account using a name and or email address that's specifically keyed to the particular marketer whose list I signed up for.

Now I 'could' just do the obvious and either relegate those emails to the junk mail bin or unsubscribe - BUT - while I can't comment on the legality of selling your email lists, there's something that just seems unethical about it -and - it certainly IS in violation of the Can-Spam Act to email people who haven't signed up to receive your emails.

It's also considered to be UCE (unsolicited commercial email) which is frowned upon and against the TOS (terms of service) & AUP (acceptable use policy) of almost every legitimated service provider, to send those emails...

And keep in mind that I DO email both parties involved -the one whose list I DID sign up for AND the one who emailed me without my opting-in to receive those emails.

Sometimes they stop, sometimes they don't, but I've never gotten a reply back from anyone.

So who the heck is Matt Bacak?

I get MULTIPLE emails from him daily - but never signed up for ANYTHING from him...

Nor has he bothered to respond to my emails. Neither, by the way, has the woman (yes, I said woman) whose list I DID sign up for, but since I DO know her, I'm going to make a few more attempts to reach her.

I'm getting a TON of spam lately, btw, generating from signing up for her list, which I've been on for several years....

And Matt, I can prove I never signed up for your list.

There are other possible reasons that this could be happening, such as her account / email database having been hacked, but if
that's so - it says a mouthful about the people mailing to that list.


Stuart Halpryn - if you didn't get it here - you paid WAY too much!


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