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Do NOT get scammed in this Continuity Program Scam


This may be the perfect example of how NOT to market.


The people running these types of web sites are sure to be in deep trouble soon the way they are ripping people off and making a total fake blog (also known as flog) to actually rip people off.


Nothing they are doing is real except the theft.


see for yourself in this video:

Continuity Program Scam



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Pathetic Marketing Tactics


It is truly pathetic that some of the marketers have stooped so low as to have to use tactics to get people involved in Giveaways i.e. here is your download link etc. instead of telling for what it is.


It is our opinion they are stooping to these tactics because now there are so many Giveaway Events out there that these Roo's think they can trick or con people into thinking it is something other then a Giveaway.


There are nothing wrong with the Giveaways themselves though there are a lot of them, it is just these folks think they can get you to join or click their link by lying to you using these kind of tactics and we think it is ridiculous to stoop so low.



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Merry Christmas Giveaway - AECNU - $1000 Referral Contest

Launches on:     11/30/2009
Closing Doors:   12/31/2009


Black Friday Giveaway - Scott Drake and Pat Murray

Launches on:     11/27/2009
Closing Doors:   12/11/2009


Webmaster Control Gifts Giveaway - Hosted by Brad Smith and Alex Perez Pratt

Launches on:     11/18/2009
Closing Doors:   12/02/2009


New JV Talent New Year Giveaway - Hosted by Paul Teague

Launches on:     01/01/2010
Closing Doors:   01/10/2010



Bob Writes in!

Hi Guys,
It's really great to see you published my England letter i sent you.
I am English but i moved to the Dominican Republic some 11
years ago.
Thank you again.
I was beginning to think that emails written were just deleted
without being read but you have just restored my faith I thank
you for this. Keep up the good work.



Welcome to The NEW Europe!
European Soviet Socialist Union


It's 1984 in the UK

The US is a Failed State and the Mega Rich are Laughing

EU Government, Treason, and the Lisbon Treaty

The UK's Government is demonstrating its expertise in the race to become the nation most like that envisioned by the UK's very own native son George Orwell in his book titled 1984.

The UK Government has accomplished this by passing regulations that require UK telecommunications and Internet companies to record and store for a year every phone call, email, and Internet click. And, of course, provide access to said data to governmental entities - in this case some 653 different government bodies.

No court order is required in order for your local bureaucrats to paw through your data; a nod from “a senior police officer or the equivalent of a deputy head of department at a local authority” will do.

Of course there is nothing to prevent the regular people from using this same system against the Bureaucrats themselves .....

Tyranny and certain abuse of power is right around the corner for UK citizens at the hand of their Government and Politicians.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration.

He writes that the US has every characteristic of a failed state.

The US government's current operating budget is dependent on foreign financing and money creation.

Too politically weak to be able to advance its interests through diplomacy, the US relies on terrorism and military aggression.

Costs are out of control, and priorities are skewed in the interests of rich organized interest groups at the expense of the vast majority of citizens.

The next thing Obama will pull is similar surrender of US Sovereignty to the UN in Copenhagen in December like the European Governments have done to their countries in the EU. see next article -->

From Britain to Bulgaria, Treason has been committed by each European Member Countries Government with their individual signing of the Lisbon Treaty (European Constitution) and including Treason by said countries Parliaments whom ratified this 100% unconstitutional - illegal so called treaty, that on December 1, 2009 relinquishes the sovereignty of said countries to a supreme government – unelected, unaccountable and, as even its own polls show, less popular with those it rules over than ever before.

But what do the politicians care? They have the power, and Europe now has a government we can never dismiss.

And what a delightful irony that Pravda, of all newspapers, greeted the news last week with the headline: "Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU is now a reincarnation of the Soviet Union".





News Busted (Humor)
Unemployment at an historic high -- Obama's not looking so good -- "Newly-arrived asylum-seekers" -- Rachel Maddow hasn't read the Constitution -- and more :-)



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