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Bob writes in about Giveaway Fraud - do the math .....

Hi Joe,

Nothing new just more of the same old Reed thing.

( see Reed Floren Giveaway Scammer? -> Right Column)

1 plus 1 does not equal 4000

Giveaways have long been a great tool for which to build a list, but as of the last couple of years, the cheats are moving in

Events that taught great numbers but low gift ratios are the clue to the actual event benefits. While some event may not show huge contributor list, the ratios are much more believable.

Take the Make Money Online Gifts

Total JV Members= 3907
JV OTO Sales= 90
Total Gifts= 384

So let's break this down:

90 members are allowed 3 gifts each.
3 X 90 = 270

Total gifts are 384 so when we remove 270 we are left with 114.

We take the 114 single members, single gifts, plus the 270 for the upgraded members that leaves us with a total of true contributing members of 204.

So one would ask, what are the other 3703 contributors names for? No gifts do equal no promotions.

The final numbers on the total JV members at the end of the event were but 160!

How is it possible to have a drop of 3747 contributors you ask, because it was never REAL!

It is the scam process that several giveaway hosts use to get people to promote for them.

A Scam period. These events do not benefit the real giveaway contributors only the dishonest giveaway host.

In this particular event, my name was even added to one Chuck Mullaneys list and shown as having signed up to his list from this event, however he is not list as part of the event.

One can only assume that the event host are seriously dishonest, and your privacy is in danger.

Do the math.


Thank you Bob for writing in ..... your letter is very appreciated as you know.

You are right that us legitimate event holders are not benefiting from the cheating events - as a matter of fact I say we are taking a beating due to the fact the cheaters are pulling the legitimate people away from the legitimate events with their fraudulent numbers, more hope and change???

Combined with the fraud being perpetrated by JV Partners alike the events have turned into a semi-grim situation almost to the point that we ourselves may soon be no longer interested in hosting them for much longer if this travesty continues.

Truly sad for the hard working honest people :-( which are becoming more far and few between these days.


TimThumb Hacker Alert .....

For those of you whom have WordPress Sites and have the timthumb file a major security hole needs to be addressed and has a simple cure .....

The Fix:
in each one of the TimThumb files search for the statement “$allowedSites =”
Vulnerable files will look something like this:
$allowedSites = array(
and need to be changed asap to:
$allowedSites = array();


Being delisted from Google and other Search Engines .....

I have not seen this posted or mentioned anywhere else and if I missed it please forgive me - but I wanted to share this potentially devastating development with you concerning WordPress.

I noticed that we started to lose pages in Google - in fact we were slowly being delisted from Google and other Search Engines and I had not a clue as to why.

So I started to do my research and found out where the problem is for all MU sites that use canonical domains (i.e. * since I am guessing around WordPress 2.9+

I started using SEO Doctor checking all of our WP based Sites (robots.txt, index meta tag, even the rare x-robots-noindex HTTP header) and everything seemed to be perfect by SEO Doctor with one exception that claimed "Page is not indexable because this page has a canonical URL"

Today I discovered the root of the problem - I am guessing since around WordPress 2.9 ( I believe since that is when I first noticed delisting starting ) and found the "rel canonical meta tag" was introduced and added automatically for all dynamic pages.

This was in fact the case with our sites and the solution is to just add this to your theme functions.php:

remove_action('wp_head', 'rel_canonical');

and it should fix you right up :-)

I would suggest that possibly all themes should have this added by default to their functions.php file to circumvent this currently built in SEO disaster :-)

Joseph Anderson - AECNU CEO


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+ 814-746-4816

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Happy Halloween Monster Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU
Launches on: 09/30/2011
Closing Doors: 11/01/2011


Seven Dollar Giveaway - Hosted by David Railey
Launches on: 09/07/2011
Closing Doors: 09/17/2011


Reed Floren Giveaway Scammer? .....

Some months ago during a Reed Floren Giveaway event "Pot of Gold Gifts Giveaway"  which had over 90 members signed up a two weeks before the event started and was not scheduled to open until the 17th of March?

Original Article Here with Reed's reply with an attempt to cover the truth .....

Bob writes .....

Joe this is how Reed's scam is working ..... basically what they would do is create a squeeze page with some sort of unrelated to the giveaway event gift on it, and in the form code for the page they would ( with a bit of javascript ) post the users details they entered to get the free gift, to the giveaway signup form.

So the person getting the free gift would be added to the event in the background when they were opting into the squeeze page.


What this means is though the person signed up to get the one free gift they probably had no idea that they were being signed up for the event in the background and in turn probably never visited the event cheating all the partners of possible subs - while at the same time fraudulently embellishing the numbers.

Makes us wonder how many other ways you are scamming people Reed???




A dangerous group of millionaires you need to be aware

GREAT News For Americans who still cherish liberty

The U.S. gov't is about to "go nuclear" on the "too big to fail" banks

From the S&A Digest:

If you want to see what a group of power-mongering maniacs looks like, go no further than here.

These people support higher taxes on incomes more than $1 million. A bunch of them have signed their names in support of it.

If they want to write the government a bigger check, what's stopping them? Nothing. But that's not what they want.

They're a bunch of overeducated hypocrites (like Michael Steinhardt and Nouriel Roubini) who think they know how to run your life better than you do. They think they have all the answers. And by God, they're going to shove them straight down your throat.

You're not a fellow citizen to them. You're more like a goose who's been force-fed to fatten up his liver so they can cut it out and eat it as foie gras. Warren Buffett started this baloney. Again, if Buffett loves the government so much, he can write them as large a check as he'd like. No one is stopping him.

Raising taxes on income is a great way to generate LESS tax revenue on those incomes, not more...

From SHTFplan:

Whip out those cell phones and video cameras – we have great news!

It's official, and the message to public servants is clear –

Americans' right to video record police while they are executing their duties in a public venue fits comfortably within first amendment activity:

Hear ye, hear ye!!

The First Circuit Court of Appeals – the highest federal court for New England just below the U.S. Supreme Court – last Friday handed down a ground-breaking decision defending our right to videotape the police and other public officials as they engage in their official duties…

… On Friday, the First Circuit agreed. In a decision that reads like an ode to the First Amendment as key to both liberty and democracy, the court wrote...

"such protections should have been clear to the police all along, noting that the right to videotape police carrying out their duties in a public forum is “fundamental and virtually self-evident”...

From Zero Hedge:

In a move that could either send BAC stock-limit down overnight or send it soaring (we are still trying to figure out just what is going on here), the NYT has broken major news that the U.S. is preparing to go nuclear on more than a dozen big banks among which Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank, in an attempt for Fannie and Freddie to recoup $30 billion... if not much more.

The lawsuit is expected to hit the docket in the next few days: "The suits stem from subpoenas the finance agency issued to banks a year ago. If the case is not filed Friday, they said, it will come Tuesday, shortly before a deadline expires for the housing agency to file claims."

Now, taken at face value, this would mean that Bank of America can kiss its ass goodbye as unlike the Walnut Place litigation, this will take place in Federal Court where Article 77 is not applicable. Yet, there is something that gives us pause: namely logic, captured by the following words: "While I believe that F.H.F.A. is acting responsibly in its role as conservator, I am afraid that we risk pushing these guys off of a cliff and we're going to have to bail out the banks again...




  News Busted

  News Busted


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