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12 Hours of Natural Sounds w/MRR Royalty Free & Bonus


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So you think your Dedicated Server is safe?


Too many people whom own Dedicated Servers or true Virtual Dedicated Servers where you have root access have a false sense of security that their bandwidth and resources are not being stolen by hackers and spammers.


Unless you have a great firewall like Dedicated Server Guard, I will let you prove to yourself what a foolish notion this is and that attempted hacks and cracks are happening to your Server on a daily basis - probably many times.


First of all, if you do not have a Linux based Server and root access or cannot get root access, you do not have a true Dedicated Server or True Virtual Private Server and you can skip the remaining of this article, it is not for you.


For the rest of you whom qualify by having a Linux based Server and root access :-) log into your server using SSH and find where your server logs are kept and take a look at the one titled secure or the equivalent with a text editor or equivalent - rude awakening isn't it?


For those whom have CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise go to the following to locate the secure log file logged in as root with ssh:


var-->log and there should be a listing with the secure file.


Surprise! your under attack daily, sometimes hundreds of times and these vermin are stealing your servers resources to include bandwidth and page load speed for those concerned about Google Optimization.


Believe us when we tell you that if even one of these attempts is successful it can ruin your whole day, week, month, year, etc. They can plant malware, banking sites, spam out and totally corrupt your server possibly causing thousands in damage and repairs that very possibly could result in a permanent loss of everything on the server itself.


There are not very many effective solutions to stop this and if you think the CPanel Plug In is effective - you have another think coming -think again and review your logs you will see what we mean.


Dedicated Server Guard is truly a simple to implement, inexpensive, workable solution for many that want to stop these vermin .....



More Marketer BS - Revisited


The other day when I checked my email I got another BS email that claimed - 50,000 people can't be wrong - is why you should be interested in this product.


I was thinking - what a crock of crap - well then what happened to the millions that claimed the Earth was flat and many people were executed for saying the world was round. Were the millions right? Obviously not.


For example, in 1327 Cecco d'Ascoli noted as an astronomer, was for the at the time - Earth was round theory - and other controversial results of thought, which brought him under suspicion of sorcery. He was driven from his professorship at Bologna and burned alive at Florence.


Nor was this all his punishment: Orcagna, whose terrible frescoes still exist on the walls of the Campo Santo at Pisa, immortalized Cecco by representing him in the flames of hell.


Needless to say that after reading this "50,000 people cannot be wrong" statement I reached for my mouse and then the un-subscribe link.


The only reason why I am writing about this folks is to alert you to the BS and Rhetoric that commonly is perpetrated by some Internet Marketers and others trying to convince you to buy something or give something up of value - in this case cash because 50,000 other people did?


What a lame tactic. Meet Bernie Madoff, he has an investment for you that several thousand people took advantage of - and they can't be wrong, can they?


Really folks, when you start seeing tactics and rhetoric like this - hang on to your wallet and run for the hills because your about to loose what's in it from a BS Marketer or possibly more if its a Politician!!


There is nothing wrong with a little hype, many times it comes from justified excitement, even over a product or service. But this kind of tactic crap as mentioned above, we can all certainly live without.


As I have said in the past for many of these types of deals with tons of hype and rhetoric, $10,000 sales letter for probably a 10 cent product.



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Asia could be headed for all out war

Secretive Group has developed plans to suspend Constitution

Energy Guru Schork: Oil could be headed much lower

From Zero Hedge:

1. N. Korea denies sinking S. Korea ship, warns that any retaliation will trigger 'all-out' war
2. White House calls ship sinking a peace-challenging 'act of aggression' by N. Korea
3. White House says North Korean action is challenge to international peace and violation of armistice pact

And from the FT:

South Korea officially announced that a North Korean submarine torpedoed one of its warships in March, a verdict that opens the path towards...



By Peter Dale Scott on

In July 1987, during the Iran-Contra Hearings grilling of Oliver North, the American public got a glimpse of “highly sensitive” emergency planning North had been involved in. Ostensibly these were emergency plans to suspend the American constitution in the event of a nuclear attack (a legitimate concern). But press accounts alleged that the planning was for a more generalized suspension of the constitution.

As part of its routine Iran-contra coverage, the following exchange was printed in the New York Times, but without journalistic comment or follow-up
From an interview with Hard Assets Investor:

Crigger: Oil's been trading between $70 and $80 for several months now, although it's just dipped back below $69 this week. Is this a sustainable price range for oil?

Schork: Absolutely. From a sustainability standpoint, $65-$75 oil in this economy makes a heck of a lot more sense than the $80-$85 oil you were seeing at the end of the last quarter, start of the second quarter this year. Frankly, $85 oil in an economy that's shed 8.5 million jobs in the past 2 1/2 years is not sustainable.

All we need to do is look at...








News Busted (Humor)




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