Subject: Major Dumb Ass Attack, Bob writes in, Giveaways, News Busted, US Censorship?


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Major Dumb Ass Attack


Yesterday Joe had a major dumb ass attack (which has since been corrected) when he connected the link to Affiliate Marketing Gifts Giveaway - Hosted by Paul Pavel - to an old redirect rather then the new one specifically for this event.


Not only was this embarrassing, but Joe sent off an email alarming Paul Pavel about the possibility of a problem on his end when in fact it was our mistake.


Sorry Paul for the inconvenience and thank you for helping us figure it out :-)





Bob Writes In .....


For those just joining our newsletter, we spell Bob's name backwards so that nobody will know whom we are talking about :-)

Hi Joseph,

Paul hasn’t even updated this page.  How are people signing up?


Congratulations to US!  We struck some MAJOR victories on November 2nd!  And I strongly believe that taking a risk of losing a few subscribers over some political emails contributed to this.

So thanks to you, Joseph, for all the NewsBusted emails!

To Freedom,




Thanks Bob! for the heads up on Paul Pavels Giveaway and your appreciation of our newsletters ..... as explained above though it was my mistake :-S and had nothing to do with Paul but has been since corrected :-) - Joe


Being a Libertarian Constitutionalist - as my wife says one of the few REAL Americans still alive - the so called victory on November 2nd, which it was a victory to some degree - is but a small step to America getting back on the right track and definitely a good start :-)


To those that are not adhering to the Supreme Law of the Land - The US Constitution, it's lawful amendments, and accompanying Bill of Rights - are committing treason.


To those that are willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.


and for those that think the Government should redistribute wealth are sadly mistaken.


Government should be as small as possible - just a notch or two of preventing anarchy, making sure the traffic lights work, and defend the nation from foreign invaders.


In most cases regardless of whom is in power - when the Government does NOT obey the laws of the land - Government is a giant parasite that produces nothing but corruption, inefficiency, and theft - taking from the producers, filling their own pockets, and giving the rest of the morsels to those that are ignorant enough to keep them in office.


God willing that soon our Constitutional Republic will be restored before it collapses from the evil corrupted weight that it currently endures .....





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Censorship in Amerika - No Surprise There


From: Cleveland USA


I was completed astounded as my husband and I tried to view in the AECNU previous newsletter NIA's End of Liberty video and that we got the following message from YouTube simply stating "The Video You Requested is not available"


So we thought maybe they have an outage of some kind?


This made my husband and I more determined to view the video wondering what are they trying to hide - please help if you can.






Bob writes in the above slightly edited letter, we removed possibly identifying entries only, so we then called Bob whom is one of our frequent newsletter readers.


While on the telephone asked Bob if she could view it right now - in short no - but here in Europe we can.


To get around this click here where you will be taken to then scroll to where it says "Start surfing anonymously by entering a URL below" then copy and paste the YouTube URL inside:




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