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Newsletter is late again .....


I would like to apologize to our subscribers for the delay of our newsletter once again - This should be the Thursday Edition that you are now reading.


Admittedly Peter and I are dogged out trying to keep up with everything while having the better half of our team either out for University Exams or in one case as with Eva, the equivalent of Bar Exams.


Last year and the year before were not as bad as this year due to the exams were staggered - meaning part of the team was testing one month and the other half the following month - However, this year they have it all at once :-S


July will bring more delays while Peter and I go on a well needed and deserved vacation - as a matter of fact one week there will be no newsletters at all - but by the beginning of August we will be in full swing with all exams and vacations completed - a refreshed and whole team again and coordinating as we ramp up for the winter season.


Thank you for your patience, understanding, and for being our valued subscriber.



               Joseph Anderson - AECNU CEO




Here is another GREAT piece written by Stuart Halpryn from Net Activated telling a story we have been telling for years - we were just telling it in a different way ..... But Stuart's article once again hits the nail on the head and we thought to share it with our readers hoping to help and clarify .....


'Get 12 million raving, hungry, targeted visitors in only 14 minutes!'

I saw a ton of people selling this and similar products recently - well, okay, so I'm exaggerating the 'claims made' a little bit, but the claims aren't the point of this email.

The point is that I personally know quite a few of the marketers mentioned above, and wrote to them asking, among other things, how big their lists were.

One said 500 subscribers, one said 600, another said 2000, 1800, 2300, 4300...

A bunch of other marketers were selling various SEO & 'Get to the top of Google' type products, so I ran searches on a few of their web sites.

Couldn't find them.

There's more to running a marketing business than marketing. You have to constantly build and grow your business too.

It's the same as if I put a few wooden boards, several nails and a hammer out, with a sign on them saying 'please put these boards together', and someone used their forehead to hammer them together.

If you're not using the literally TONS of tools that are available to you (and some of them are quite good), then you might as well be beating your head against a wall (or hammering two boards
together with it).

Spend some time actually USING some of the products that you buy to re-sell, instead of just throwing as much sh*t out there as you can, and you might actually see some results, on several levels.

Just something to think about.....


PS: New products added to - have you checked them out yet? Best prices in town, secure payment through PayPal & Instant download!



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Report: Banks may end Free Checking Accounts

Former Fed Chief Greenspan: US Debt Crisis Coming Soon

George Soros: Europe is headed for a downward spiral

From Newsmax:

Bank of America Corp. and other U.S. banks may introduce new fees on basic services and eliminate free checking to replace revenue lost to new banking regulations, the Wall Street Journal said.

The move is expected to hurt retail clients who could be asked to pay new monthly maintenance fees on the most basic accounts that do not generate a lot of activity, the Journal reported.

To avoid a fee...
From 24/7 Wall Street:

... The aging economist argued recently that the US is about to run out of its ability to raise debt at low rates to finance its growing deficits.

His disagrees with most economists who worry about the effects of the US debt in a few years, but believe that very low borrowing costs will help American fund its government spending in the meantime.

Greenspan’s argument is that the US is about to be unpleasantly surprised by...
From Newsmax:

Europe faces almost inevitable recession next year and years of stagnation as policymakers' response to the euro zone crisis causes a downward spiral, billionaire U.S. investor George Soros said.

Flaws built into the euro from the start had become acute, Soros told a seminar, warning that the euro crisis could have the potential
of destroying the European Union .....






News Busted (Humor)


News Busted (Humor)


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