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Independence Day Giveaway Event

 Hosted by AECNU - $300 Referral Contest
Launches on:     06/30/2010
Closing Doors:   07/31/2010




Dedicated Server Firewall Fighting Spam & Hackers


We have noticed at certain times that our current Dedicated Server Guard configuration can slow our servers due to the tremendous load and how it deals with every IP contacting the Servers.


This is the very reason why we are working hard on Dedicated Server Guard II to deal with the efficiency of Dedicated Server Guard.


It is kind of like a dambed if you do - dambed if you don't - situation concerning these vermin that continuously want to steal your resources.


Surrender to these vermin is not an option.


Dedicated Server Guard has and is extremely effective against these people and we will continue to develop Dedicated Server Guard II - realizing the efficiency should increase so much that the current server load needed by Dedicated Server Guard while under attack should be just a fraction of what it is now.


The problem with the original Dedicated Server Guard is simply that the more lines of code and blocking we put into it - the more of a load on the server is required to go through each and every line for each IP it encounters.


Our current subscribers to Dedicated Server Guard have had no complaints at all about load or the product - actually just raves about it - but we believe this is because they do not have near the traffic that we do or not targeted as we are or a combination of the two.


We will continue to fight the war and at the same time know that one we are taking much more of the spammers and hackers server power from them then they are us and two that we are saving someone else from these same vermin attacking them as they concentrate on us :-)



Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Independence Day Giveaway Event - Hosted by AECNU - $300 Referral Contest
Launches on:     06/30/2010
Closing Doors:   07/31/2010




Independence Day JV Giveaway - Hosted by Hans Castiglioni
Launches on:     06/26/2010
Closing Doors:   07/10/2010


Traffic Blaster Giveaway Event - Hosted by Marilyn Parmelee & Jeffrey Palladino
Launches on:     07/01/2010
Closing Doors:   07/31/2010


Market Place JV Giveaway - Hosted by David Railey
Launches on:     07/09/2010
Closing Doors:   07/19/2010




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UK TAX Hike - soon to be seen in your country too?

This startling announcement could have huge implications on your taxes


Excerpts From Simon Black, Senior Editor of


The day before yesterday in the UK, something happened that has significant implications for us all.

Old western economies are clearly losing their dominance. Particularly in Europe, the costs of broken pension plans and entitlement programs are bankrupting entire economies.

Yet, national governments continue to perversely borrow and consume; politicians have been acting like degenerate gamblers, borrowing money from anyone they could, blowing it all on terrible bets, borrowing more money to make even worse bets, and actually expecting different results.


The TRUTH of whom is responsible for what has turned into the Global Financial crisis, is finally told above "national governments continue to perversely borrow and consume; politicians have been acting like degenerate gamblers, borrowing money from anyone they could, blowing it all on terrible bets, borrowing more money to make even worse bets, and actually expecting different results."


Obvious total idiots on both sides of the big pond with necessary qualifications only being a professional liar and thief. To be able to lie through your teeth while condemning the future of us and our children to poverty while bailing out their buddies.

Something needs to change... and it appears that Britain is the first major western government to face the music. As such, British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne unveiled yesterday what has been touted as 'emergency' budget austerity.

Osborne's budget cuts deep. It hits the elderly, it hits low income workers, it hits single mothers, it hits business owners and investors... it even hits the Queen, who will see her multimillion pound salary frozen for several years.


Of course the cuts are in the wrong direction and there are not nearly deep enough.


The size of Government needs to be cut by 50% and the remaining 50% a 50% pay cut for incompetence, theft, and treason in some cases - Those who were in office Government wide while the pillaging and theft of public coffers should be put on trial. The sad part is these treasonous buffoons make the laws which are in turn protecting them from us instead of what most Constitutions are supposed to do - protect us from them and there power grabs.


In my country when the Government tried to do what London is doing - raising the VAT from 20% to 25% to pay for Government incompetence and our portion of the Greek Bailout (we rioted and protested giving them a reminder of 1996-1997 when we brought down the entire Government and burned down the Parliament and Presidential Palace - and replaced them - ALL OF THEM.)


In reaction the Government tabled the 25% VAT proposal and effective immediately they gave the entire Government a pay CUT of 15%, all of them Prime Minister included. Case closed.

To give credit where credit is due, Osborne should be commended for looking his nation in the face, speaking about a very grim reality, and being candid about the tough sacrifices that everyone will have to make.


But those in the Government will have to make much smaller "sacrifices" - the cold hard truth is those in charge of this Global catastrophe should be facing firing squad - of course they would just pardon each other.

But here's the scary part, and what we need to learn from:

While there was significant talk in Osborne's speech about spending cuts, most line items have yet to be fully determined. What they are absolutely clear about, though, are the tax changes.

Britain's VAT, for example, will increase from 17.5% to 20%. Many personal income tax rates will rise as well, particularly for high income earners. These changes will be phased in gradually... except for one.

Osborne announced that Britain's capital gains tax will increase from 18% to 28% for higher income earners. Yet unlike the other changes which are phased in over time, capital gains tax change occurs IMMEDIATELY.

There is a serious lesson here: Governments have the power and willingness to make major changes overnight. With the stroke of a pen, they can impose capital controls, higher taxes, gold forfeiture, confiscation of retirement savings, or anything else they can dream up.


Governments need this power taken away from them, unfortunately it will need to be done by force by the people. (Force is wrong? -isn't that exactly what they use against you? Wrong for the people right for the Government?)


This brought tears to my eyes .....



The future is all about the Man/Woman in the Mirror does


Protest against the interception of telephone and internet by the Bulgarian Government Part 1 14 January 2010


Protest against the Bulgarian Government Part 2 14 January 2010


These people have courage and honor to fight against the thugs in the cold winter and snow in a place that has more police per capita then almost any other country in Europe - I am truly proud of them - Viktor


They will continue the cycles of rape and pillage until the end of time if the people do not take the power back - and obviously this cannot be done at the ballot. Constitutions need to be written to ensure the public servants remain public servants and not the Masters that they have now made themselves. Creating laws that protect them and not the people as they are supposed to do.

Britain's emergency budget underscores this point even more, and reminds those of us who aren't in the UK that we need to prepare NOW. Why? Because other countries won't be far behind, including the United States.

At a certain point, President Obama will be forced by circumstance to look the American people in the eye and ask them to sacrifice... and pay higher taxes effective immediately.


President Obama can only look a teleprompter in the eye and when looking into the crowd he sees only his corporate supporters, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wall Street - to promise the too big to succeed that he will bail them out because they are too big to fail.

Also, it's likely that the US government will get its hands on private retirement savings some day soon... there's about $5 trillion out there, and at some point that they'll mandate a portion of all managed retirement accounts to be held in the 'safety' of US Treasuries.


More theft by the Government as usual - nothing new there - California State Government has already publicly admitted stealing Safety Deposit Box contents of its residents - adding their ill gotten gains from the auctions of those contents to their treasury to continue financing their incompetence.

I can't stress this enough-- proper financial planning should be an integral part of your multiple flag strategy ..... continue reading remainder of article

May God Bless all of you and take care,

Viktor Kovetanets reporting from Varna Bulgaria




News Busted (Humor)


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