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Last Friday - Brutal for Server management

Last Friday things got really super slow on the Servers as they came under attack - but not the type of attack I expected and always ready for .....

this particular attack came from within - in the form of a runaway server process caused by a rogue Wordpress Plugin we are developing.

Therefore we apologize to all those whom endured the dead dog slow server performance.

The reason it took so long for us to figure it out was because this was a first that it did not originate from the outside and therefore we were chasing something that was just simply not there to catch .....




Photoshop PSD Graphics for All half price sale during transfer update .....

We are still uploading files to the US Based Server that are the downloads for our Photoshop PSD Graphics for All membership and we are currently in the "H's" of the categories.

The whole reason of this file transfer is because clients in the US said the downloads were slow which is true since the Internet Pipe to Europe is a bottleneck of sorts.

We will keep running the files on the Europe Server until the transfer is complete and then throw the switch :-) So there are no outages just not as fast of downloading due to the European Pipe Bottleneck.

Therefore we are going during the transfer we are going to have an almost half price sale!

Photoshop PSD Graphics for All Full Membership Half Price Sale*




Giveaways Reloaded ..... lol

The slowly dying US Dollar strictly due to US Government and Fed Reserve mismanagement and incompetence in monetary policy has infuriated many people around the world as they take pay cuts upwards of 30% or more.

People inside the US see not a direct pay cut like the rest of the world ..... but inside the US the drop of value outside comes as inflation inside.

To help combat this drop we launched our most recent Giveaway denominated in Euro instead of dollars - which seems to have caused a lot of confusion for many Americans not having ever dealt with other currencies before. We switched to the Euro which obviously the European Central Bank has a better monetary policy and can clearly be seen in any graph of currency comparisons.

10 Year Graph of US Dollar VS Euro

As apparent by the graph, even with the Global financial crisis of 2008 Europe's Euro continues to kick the butt of the US dollar and the US Dollar continues it's not so slow death.

The results of our first Euro Giveaway are not bad and the rest of the world had no problem adjusting ..... However, the lack of inside the US participation is obvious.

What to do?

Continue to have our wealth eroded while the Fed continues to loan money to the Banks at 0%-0.5% and then borrows it back from the banks at 3% in treasuries?

What a crime this is to US Citizens and a sweet deal for the banks eh???

Guaranteed Theft at 2.5% spread ..... must be nice - and it is 100% insanity

However, back to the Giveaways ..... Out of respect for the rest of the world we will keep GCS LTD, a sovereign European Corporation running the Euro Giveaways so to speak - and out of sympathy for our fellow Americans living inside the US - AECNU will run USD based events.

and we will see how that works out ..... time will certainly tell .....



Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Fathers Day Giveaway - Hosted by GCS LTD.
Launches on: 05/31/2011
Closing Doors: 06/30/2011


Internet Marketing Gifts Giveaway - Hosted by Paul Pavel
Launches on: 05/23/2011
Closing Doors: 06/06/2011


Memorial Day Giveaway - Hosted by Hans Castiglioni
Launches on: 05/17/2011
Closing Doors: 05/31/2011


Super Summer Giveaway - Hosted by Crystal Ayers
Launches on: 05/21/2011
Closing Doors: 06/04/2011


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Tyranny in the Heartland: Police unleash tear gas, sound weapons, and riot gear on college block party



From SHTF Plan:

All those billions of dollars spent to prepare law enforcement and the U.S. military for civil unrest are not going to waste.

This past week, police converged on Western Illinois University (situated in a town of about 20,000 people) as students engaged in their annual block party. Unlike previous years, however, this year a decision was made to respond with riot gear, tear gas, sound weapons, intimidation and mass arrests.

The most curious issue surrounding the response is that students, by many accounts, were not engaged in any significant unlawful behavior (open containers, maybe some intoxication and tomfoolery) and the block party was behind held, for the most part, at private residences.

Bored with the usual, local and surrounding police forces decided to deploy officers in full riot gear – at least a hundred of them. They were undoubtedly anxious to play with their new federally funded non-lethal anti-personnel weapons, as evidenced by their use of everything from LRAD sound weapons to tear gas to disperse and aggravate the crowd.

The events that unfolded at WIU are just the latest in a trend we've seen develop around the world in recent years. We’ll note that the governor of Wisconsin...


  News Busted (Humor)  
  News Busted

Gerald Celente on CFRA with Michael Harris 06 May 2011
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