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Health Care Reform That Is Unconstitutional?

ObamaCare: The Dishonest Games Politicians Play


From Forbes: 

A second federal judge has declared ObamaCare, the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to be unconstitutional.  The issue is destined for the Supreme Court.

The issue appears hopelessly arcane to most Americans ...

But we all have much at stake in maintaining the Constitution’s limits on federal power.

No one in Washington pays much attention to the nation’s fundamental law. 

The institutional provisions, such as the number of Senators, usually are respected. 

Even so, many legislators are pushing legislation to grant the District of Columbia congressional representation, contrary to the Constitution’s explicit language

The Bill of Rights also retains some vigor, despite continuing erosion of protections against improper searches and seizures, for instance, because it is seen by many as the only limit on government power.

Yet an equally important safeguard for institutional liberty was supposed to be vesting the national government with only limited, enumerated powers.

States have what is called a general “police power.”  The federal government does not.  Congress is to legislate where it has explicit authority and the president’s chief powers are administering laws approved by the legislature and conducting wars approved by the legislature .....

From Forbes:

As expected, the House, with its new Republican majority, voted to repeal the Democrats’ health care “reform” passed only last March. Much nonsense was spouted during the floor debate, including the claim that repeal would increase the deficit.

In fact, ObamaCare could not help but be expensive. Expanding Medicaid, subsidizing the purchase of private insurance, creating new bureaucracies, multiplying federal controls over health care and adding new benefit programs will cost substantially more than the taxes enacted and Medicare benefit cuts likely to be enforced.

Nevertheless, President Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership claimed they were policy magicians.  Health care coverage would go up, medical costs would go down, and the federal budget deficit would shrink.  Amazing!

Of course, it comes as no surprise that the Democrats sought to hide the cost of what they were doing. And, in fairness, they did make a pretense of paying for their plan.

In 2003 the Republican Party tossed overboard any notion of fiscal rectitude when it enacted the Medicare drug benefit (responsible for about $16 trillion in unfunded liabilities, more than the national debt). GOP legislators figured that they could reap the political benefit of distributing benefits while future taxpayers could foot the bill. So Republican attempts today to claim the mantle .....




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