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The "Be My Valentine Giveaway" starts accepting Members this weekend - so if you are participating and have not yet put in your gifts time is running out.


If you are not yet registered but want to participate as a JV Partners/Contributors, you better get on the stick and get in .....


Be My Valentine Giveaway

Launches on: 01/31/2011



Saint Patrick's Day Giveaway


JV Partners/Contributors, due to the fact that we will be out of town the entire weekend - Friday until Tuesday - which is during our normal announcement time of our next upcoming Giveaway Event ..... without further ado ..... announcing our upcoming annual Saint Patrick's Day Giveaway Event

Saint Patrick's Day Giveaway

Launches on: 02/28/2011
Closing Doors: 03/31/2011



Follow the Herd Marketers Mentality


For years we have been participating in and of course observing the Herd Mentality of Internet Marketers.


Very few with original thought or products ..... for the most part they just follow the herd.


Today we got an email from an Internet Marketer as follows:


It seems like everyone wants to have their say about traffic generation.

There are new shitty traffic generation products popping out every month like we even care about it.

Some dudes even fake their screenshots about their traffic level and the money they’ve made.

Well I say: to hell with those guys!

Well this is spot on because everybody and their brother are now traffic generation experts just like last year they all suddenly became coaching experts and on and on with the bullshit - knee deep in copycat crap all trying to bullshit their way into some of the cash being spent towards the flavor of the day.


Currently we ourselves are studying the concepts and techniques taught in the Mass Money Makers course - and when we are finished, will it make us Traffic Generation Experts enough to come out with a knock off product? - I think not.


Following the herd is easy since original thought is not required and many do it without even thinking.


But this mentality will never make you wealthy and is truly destructive to the point that what happens when the herd leader stops?


We see it in our Giveaways, we see it in the entire internet market, and we see it everywhere else the follow the leader idiocy ..... and if you look back in history this mentality has brought down empires and in very few cases led to success though there are exceptions.


Innovation and original thought is what makes people great and true wealth created by their own hand and mind .....


Think about it and try your hand at something original instead of being one of the herd - you might wake up to find you are wealthier then you ever dreamed possible ..... herds never achieve wealth and/or greatness - they just run off the edge of the cliff with the rest of the herd.


This is also why most of our newsletters are not like the vast majority with the constant "Buy my crap" announcements, we want to offer content and ideas that we may or may not agree with ourselves, to truly advance our readers knowledge and to be thought provoking - rather then the same old crap news from the main stream media or "Buy my crap" from internet marketers - to include a little humor and hopefully make a little money along the way :-)




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Sofia BG:


Be My Valentine Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU
Launches on: 01/31/2011
Closing Doors: 02/28/2011


Saint Patrick's Day Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU
Launches on: 02/28/2011
Closing Doors: 03/31/2011


Best Blogging Giveaway - Hosted by David Railey
Launches on: 02/07/2011
Closing Doors: 02/15/2011


Valentines Giveaway - Hosted by Hans Castiglioni
Launches on: 02/07/2011
Closing Doors: 02/21/2011


Escape the Rat Race Giveaway - Hosted by Shane Gorry
Launches on: 02/14/2011
Closing Doors: 02/24/2011


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The sneaky way companies are raising prices on the items you use every day...

Marc Faber Compares Obama To A Prostitute

Empty Promises: Obama's State of the Union address

Hidden inflation - or more accurately deflation of the content of the products sometimes as much as 20% less .....

First they squeeze every ounce of productivity from rank-and-file employees for very little extra compensation in return, many large companies also appear willing to cheat their customers and undermine brand values to please Wall Street and line the pockets of senior executives.

In "Your Favorite Products - Now 20% Smaller," highlights data from Consumer Reports detailing the sleazy and misguided short-term-oriented marketing strategy being employed by many "leading" consumer product companies .....

From Zero Hedge:

Earlier, Marc Faber appeared on Bloomberg TV, in what may go down in history as his most scandalous interview ever.

When asked, in advance of the SOTU address, what he thinks of the president, Faber, who appears to have had enough with all the bullshit, propaganda, and lies, replies:

"I think he's done a horrible job and I think that will continue, I think he is a dishonest person, and nothing has changed...

"Some politicians are more honest than others. I don't think that I have a very high regard for politicians. I have a high regard .....
From The Economic Collapse:

Is all this just another batch of empty promises to add to the long list of empty promises that Barack Obama has already made and broken?

Barack Obama's State of the Union address sure sounded good, didn't it? There were lots of solemn promises, lots of stuff about America's "bright future," and a line about how we are now facing this generation's "Sputnik moment" that will surely make headlines all over the globe.

But we all knew that Barack Obama could give a good speech. That has never been the issue. What the American people really need are some .....




An interview MSM will not show you:  Marc Faber on Bloomberg 01-25-11  
EU Dictatorship admits it makes up rules - Looking forward to the fall of EU and its Unelected Ruling Party  
The Greens are in favor of High Taxes to line their own pockets ...... "CONTRIBUTING TO THE STAMPING OUT OF DEMOCRACY" is what he really means by his admission of constantly inventing rules - Stopping fair and frank debate as the EU always does, and not bothering to listen to anybody but themselves is not democratic! It is Dictatorship doomed to failure, war, or both.
  News Busted (Humor)  


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