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Autumn 2011 Giveaway

 Your Host Mitko Ivanov
Launches on: 11/07/2011
Closing Doors: 12/07/2011


Bob writes in about being downgraded in our Giveaway .....

Bob Writes .....

Why did I get downgraded?

I just got an email that said I was downgraded, but it didn't say why. How can I promote when I don't have a list and the reason I enter giveaways
is to grow my list?

I'm sorry that I have not had any hits,
but I don't know where I could do this. No one else is downgrading me.


Hello Bob :-)

sir thank you for your interest in our Giveaway Events.

Lets get the facts straight here:

1) most events last only ten days - so what is the point in downgrading anybody?

2) You did not upgrade and have no list ..... hmmm

3) Therefore since these are reciprocal list building events and you have no list - you obviously are in the wrong event wouldn't you say?

4) Reciprocal List Building Event - but want to parasite off all the contributors with lists indefinitely?

5) and you approve of this?

Great! then let us know where we can parasite off of your hard work so we can do for free the same that you expect to be able to do - we will certainly upgrade you in our events.


This is why Giveaways are doing a slow death for the most part - People joining a reciprocal list building event that have no list, do not upgrade, and only the few contributors with lists are having their subscribers siphoned off  while at the same time NOT building their own list and not making any money either ..... what's wrong with this picture????

Joseph Anderson CEO AECNU

AECNU already Preparing for 2012

Each year at this time AECNU goes through a period of reflection determining where we are going in the upcoming new year.

In this process we determine what makes money, what does not make money, and where we should go to keep making money.

This year beginning with the new year we downsized our crew to almost nothing here in BG from what used to be 6 down to 2. In the US what used to be 30 people has now been cut to 2.

We are now examining what we spend our time on doing and what does not make money or does not produce a positive ROI will be soon cast aside as we enter the New Year - the same that we do every year.

One of the first things we are doing is to move our Political Content out of these newsletters to the Information Avenue Web Site in which the process has already begun - with the exception of NewsBusted.

We will be maintaining separate mailing lists/auto-responder for these projects.

We will also be sending out notices as to where people can subscribe to the various lists of particular interest instead of piling them all into one.

Stay tuned .....


Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Merry Christmas Giveaway - Your Host AECNU
Launches on: 11/30/2011
Closing Doors: 12/31/2011


Autumn 2011 Giveaway - Your Host Mitko Ivanov
Launches on: 11/07/2011
Closing Doors: 12/07/2011


Five Star Giveaway - Your Hosts Jenna Drew, Mieke Janssens, Chris Jenkins, Phillip Brewer, and David Railey
Launches on: 11/11/2011
Closing Doors: 11/21/2011


Happy Thanksgiving JV Giveaway - Your Host Hans Castiglioni
Launches on: 11/17/2011
Closing Doors: 12/01/2011


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  News Busted

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog gives it to bankers, protestors and a bull - Absolutely Hilarious!
  Triumph the Insult Dog Visits Wall Street


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