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Keep being Nickeled and Dimed


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The application of our new Giveaway Script is going well


unbelievable but true the script now running our Giveaways is working exceptionally well and we have pretty much gotten a grasp of how it works and have already customized some of it to our own style of running events.


One of the new things is the two tier OTO's for upgrades and directly relative to JV Partners and Contributors - we have made our policy and will go forward with it for future events with the exceptions of the cost of upgrading will vary from time to time.


To view what we have implemented visit our current Merry Christmas Giveaway seeking JV Partners/Contributors and scroll down to the big yellow box titled "Contributor Upgrade Options"





Bob writes in .....


Bob writes in referencing our last newsletter where we had another Bob comment on the fact of the so called victory of the November 2nd Elections.


The second Bob here writes and we quote:


"Do you think any of it will make a difference? They are all different until they get into office ... "


It sickens and saddens me to think there are no exceptions to Bob's statement above - that they are all destined to be liars and frauds - That we the idiots keep putting them into power even knowing what the outcome may be and the above truth.


and as Bob put it "They are all different until they get into office" and we found that some do not even wait until then.


The further reality of it is that they are criminals conning us during the elections with their fraud descriptions of themselves or fraud descriptions of what they want to accomplish - then once in office do what they want.


This is further proof that the Department of Injustice is just as corrupt as the rest of them since they do not actively prosecute these people for obvious and blatant fraud. Yes they should all be imprisoned while at the same time being held to the same standards us peons are held.


But this is obvious wishful thinking on my part and being naive enough to think that there is any justice in Amerika when in fact the criminals run the show .....


PS: don't be caught capturing rain water from your roof ..... they claim to own that too ..... and you might just wind up in jail. Watching from afar the garbage going on there daily reminds me and further affirms my resolution and reason why I left that perceived hell hole to begin with but do what I can for it's freedom from tyranny the best I can from afar.




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Merry Christmas Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU
Launches on: 11/30/2010
Closing Doors: 12/31/2010


Niche 4 Giveaway - Hosted by Mieke Janssens
Launches on: 11/12/2010
Closing Doors: 12/01/2010


Greedy Giveaway 6 - Hosted by Jason James
Launches on: 11/15/2010
Closing Doors: 11/29/2010


Golden Nugget Giveaway - Hosted by David Railey
Launches on: 11/19/2010
Closing Doors: 11/29/2010


Affiliate Marketing Gifts Giveaway - Hosted by Paul Pavel
Launches on: 11/22/2010
Closing Doors: 12/12/2010


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