Subject: It's August Already!, Grandma and Pancakes (Humor), Domain Name Sale USD 1.99*, and much more


Greetings Friend, welcome to another edition of the AECNU JV Partners Newsletter :-)

1) It's August already, are you ready for the Holiday season?

2) Photoshop PSD Graphics for All - Pure Web Designing

3) Domain Name Sale Continues

4) Why Grandma should not be allowed to make pancakes (Humor)

5) Giveaways Seeking JV Partners/Contributors



It's August already, are you ready for the Holiday season?

Coming a lot faster then you may think, before you know it - the Holiday Season will be upon us. If you have a web site, sell products online, or want to build a web site and have it online for this upcoming season, now is the time to get it up and fine tuned for sales.

Starting in October the season kicks off and so does the return to the Internet by millions of folks whom normally take the summer season off from the Internet. The exception of course would be personal email and paying bills to include their Internet Banking.

Get prepared for the upcoming season to include finishing those web sites you were working on or starting a web site you may have been planning on. Delay now is not in your interest or the interest of your business.

If you are just starting out on the web or starting your web site, you need or should have the following:

A Domain Name (starting at $1.99) i.e.

Web Hosting (with a support team willing to help you if needed)

Then design your site:

Photoshop PSD Graphics for All - Pure Web Designing - Subscriber Special for a limited time ($67. for first year $40 each year after and subscriber may cancel at any time)

Java Scripts Magician Software

Info Box Creator

and get it uploaded:

Atomic FTP Client - we wanted to give this product away absolutely fr/ee to our subscribers, but the license prohibits giving it away. Therefore we offer it at the lowest price we could get away with - $3.

If you already have a web site, now is the time to do some search engine optimization and keyword research. Below are some SEO tools for doing just that:

Google Trends

Google Alerts


FR/EE Keyword Marketing Tools:

The Internet Success Spider

Google Keyword Tool

MSN Commercial Intention Of Keywords

SEOBook Online Keyword Tool

SEOQuake (Software)


Photoshop PSD Graphics for All - Pure Web Designing

If you are looking for great web design utilities, scripts, software, and professional templates of all kinds look no further then our Photoshop PSD Graphics for All Membership.

Now is a great time to join and get started on building your professional web site(s) for yourself or your clients for the upcoming high internet traffic and Winter season.

You can see here - Photoshop PSD Graphics for All - it normally sells for $127.00, but here for a limited time we are offering our subscribers a super special as outlined below .....

Subscriber Special ($67. for first year $40 each year after and subscriber may cancel at any time)



Domain Name Sale Continues


Domain Name Sale!

$7.49 .COM

* Plus ICANN fee of 18 cents per domain name year. Certain TLD's only.



Why Grandma should not be allowed to make pancakes (Humor)

This is reason enough why we do not let Grandma make the pancakes in our house :-)

Reason enough



Giveaways Seeking JV Partners/Contributors


Labor Day Holiday Giveaway - 300 USD Referral Contest

Launches on:     08/31/2009
Closing Doors:   09/30/2009

Free Gifts for You Giveaway

Launches on:     08/17/2009
Closing Doors:   08/24/2009

The Happiest Giveaway

Launches on:     08/16/2009
Closing Doors:   08/30/2009

Graphics Giveaway 2

Launches on:     08/18/2009
Closing Doors:   09/01/2009

Your Marketing Gifts

Launches on:     08/18/2009
Closing Doors:   08/25/2009

List Building Extravaganza

Launches on:     08/21/2009
Closing Doors:   09/21/2009

Back to School Giveaway

Launches on:     09/01/2009
Closing Doors:   09/30/2009


To YOUR success!

                Joseph Anderson CEO, AECNU Internet & Computers



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