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We really like this software after testing it for a couple of days and found so many uses for it that we cannot describe them all but here are just a few ..... Tutorials, Product Pitches, Product Delivery i.e. coaching etc.


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The Four Big Myths of Buying in Bulk


Ask most people for a common way to save money on groceries and household goods, and they may come back with this answer: Buy in bulk.

While it can be an amazingly simple way to potentially save some bucks, it can also be a buying trap.

Here are the 4 misconceptions we typically attribute to bulk buying, and the truth for each from Wise Bread ... Full Article




John Delavera Default?


We knew the large IM'ers were having a hard time in the current and recent past economy watching many of them virtually giving away their products in which just a year or so earlier they wanted much more.


Now we do not know for sure about John Delavera but we do know this much - he has defaulted on at least one of his membership site obligations and it's alleged monthly updates that have not happened to date.


Jumping the gun? Well in this particular example the printed on site, in the sales pitch relative to monthly, and committed update is supposed to take place between the tenth and the twentieth of the month and as of today - the February product update is now two weeks past due and it has not happened.


Has something happened to John???


We Honestly Hope Not!



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Homeland InSecurity Lost 3 Computers Daily

But officials confident no 'sensitive' data lost

Federal documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that two divisions of the Department of Homeland Security – charged with assuring the integrity of U.S. borders and the safety of residents – lost nearly three computers every day for a year.

But an official statement assures citizens that no "sensitive" data was lost.

A report on the computers, which were designated as "lost" or "not found during physical inventory," was issued by the Independence Institute in Golden, Colo., after it obtained the federal paperwork.

Federal agencies also "lost" several computer switches valued at some $90,000 apiece and a multitude of vehicles, including a truck worth about $116,000.

But Jon Caldara, president of the institute, said the absence of documentation about the information on the missing computers is what is most alarming.

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Foreclosure Ban: Lenders have no rights?

India is in the race to own the world

Euro Poised to Drop 27 Percent?

Now you can Welch with immunity on your mortgage?

Yesterday it was announced that the government is taking the first step in a plan to virtually ban foreclosures - a step that can only be classified as capital markets suicide. Today, Rosenberg explains why .....

In March 2008, I published a report titled “Capitalism Takes a Sabbatical.” If only that were the case. I really can’t believe what I just read on Bloomberg News (Obama May Prohibit Home Loan Foreclosures Without HAMP Review).

In a nutshell, the White House is considering a tactic that would prevent banks from foreclosing on defaulted homeowners unless they have been screened and rejected by the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). George Orwell must be rolling over in his grave.

To think that the government is at the same time pressuring banks to start extending credit again, but the question is why bother when you have absolutely no recourse.

We’ve reached a stage in this crisis where lenders have no rights. The long-run distortions from such a heavy handed interventionist approach are too long to list right now, but suffice it to say, this will do more to exacerbate and prolong the deleveraging cycle than solve it .....

A few weeks ago it was noted the world's largest coal producer, Coal India, was on the hunt for global assets to expand their reach.

It appears this is now part of a broader national strategy mimicking what China has been doing the past half decade+.

If you have any Malthusian bones in your body, you have to wonder as certain countries waste all their national treasure on bailing out banks, financing the lifestyles of those who refuse to save for themselves, and funding pet projects of their politicians - while others are attempting to snatch up as many long lived assets across the globe, what the long term implications will be.

This is more or less parallel to a company who lives for today - happy to kick the can down the road -  rather than spend heavily on R&D to prosper for tomorrow.

Of course any such national directives would be considered "socialistic" in certain countries, hence anathema to even consider as national policy.  

Oh well, much better to send countless paper monies out into the atmosphere to help prop up home prices and capital market values from going where they belong - a much sounder national directive.

Economist and money manager Gary Shilling says the euro is likely to drop about 27 percent from current levels.

“I think the currency could go back to 1-to-1 versus the dollar,” he says.

“The problem is that Europe has a one-size-fits-all monetary policy but very different fiscal statuses in individual countries. Greece is the poster boy, but you have the rest of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) right behind it,” he told Bloomberg.

Greece, for example, has a budget deficit totaling 12.7 percent of GDP.

“It’s really an insoluble problem because these economies are very different,” Shilling said. “They’re much weaker; they need to issue all these sovereign debts. And ratings agencies are downgrading them.”

Whether the euro zone will survive as one is an open question, he maintains.

That doesn’t make Shilling a bull on the U.S. economy. “It isn’t so much that we’re doing anything right, but that Europe has serious problems,” Shilling said.

While the economy has benefited from a bounce in inventories, “The question is does this have legs?” he said.

(Footnote: Parasites .. um I mean Governments .. are responsible for the crisis's that are plaguing these countries spending more then they have)





News Busted (Humor)


The dumbest lie Nancy Pelosi ever told

If America really needed more proof that Nancy Pelosi is probably insane, it just got it.
This week, at the “health summit” the Speaker of the House claimed her giant healthcare boondoggle will create 400,000 new jobs “almost immediately.”

She neglected to mention that most of that total, which was pulled out of thin air, would be “Government” jobs and Bureaucracy.

Pelosi: Health Reform Will Create 400,000 Jobs "Almost Immediately"


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