Subject: Help me reunite with my Son - 50% off Super Sale


Greetings Friend, welcome to another edition of the AECNU JV Partners Newsletter :-)

This is an unprecedented sale for us, the first time in four years of Internet Marketing, and may never be repeated again .....

Help me reunite with my Son 50% off

Super Sale

This is not a sad cat story or a plea begging for money nor that something bad happened .....

What it is about is that something really GOOD can happen ..... here's my story:

Approximately thirteen years ago my then German wife of Fourteen Years took our three year old son from the United States and herself to Germany on the premise of a two week vacation ..... after about a week in our regular scheduled telephone call she told me how much she hated the United States and was never coming back.

Here is a picture of the last time I seen my son at three years old and the only picture I had of him until about 8 months ago:

For years his mother told me she did not have a picture of him and occasionally let me talk to him. She says that I was the shutter bug not her.

About 8 months ago he contacted me on the Internet :-) and he sent me a picture just a couple of months later! He is now 16 years old.

After intense negotiation on both my sons part and my part she agreed to let him fly to visit me with some very strict rules and time frame to include it must be a direct flight without plane change etc.

Therefore the reason for my sale is so that I can comply with his mothers rules and I can get a thousand dollars together before next weekend (July 11th/12th) for him to fly to me for a two week stay the following week.

Lufthansa the German Airline has already confirmed that I can buy the tickets and they are electronic with no cash value - they can only can be used to fly :-)

It has been thirteen years since we have seen each other or I could hug him. If I had known sooner I could have planned this out and have no need to raise additional funds.

Now on with the details of the sale :-) Only until I have raised the funds to fly him here ..... so get a great deal and know that additional good will come of it .....

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Thank you ahead of time for your consideration and assistance if possible.

To YOUR success and a GREAT 4th of July!

                Joseph Anderson CEO, AECNU Internet & Computers



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