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Getting Google to pass Page Rank and Authority to your site .....


There is a little known area
of the Google website where you
can actually get a link for free
and it passes you page rank and more importantly Authority!

The most important thing about this is that it passes AUTHORITY to your site as well as page rank. These facts are what makes this technique extremely valuable.


The area is called "Google Profiles"


To get your free Google Link go to

and set up a profile.


When you setup your links, be sure to use the keyword embedded/anchor text that you are targeting for your website.


After you have set your link(s) up, you should point some links from other web sites to your profile in order to give it some page rank.


The reasoning behind this is that the page rank that you get from your Google profile will have AUTHORITY added to it, since it is a link directly from Google themselves. A PR4 link from Google is a
lot more valuable than a PR4 link from another site.


Linking from your site and other sites to your Google profile, then back to your site, you will essentially be trading ''non authority'' page rank for full ''Authority'' page rank :-)


Internet Marketer Lies and the FTC


We do not know how many of you recall recently the names of the Internet Marketers whom committed fraud lying about the FTC having Jurisdiction internationally, but if you know whom they are and you still have the proof, contact the FTC with the proof and file charges against them filing a complaint.


We are soooo sick and tired of the lying marketer and it is time the FTC do something about this too.


Now lets hear the truth for a change Jim Edwards and an audio interview/webinar with Assistant Deputy at the FTC, Mr. Rich Cleland.


and as Jim Edwards says himself and we quote "There’s been a LOT of speculation – and outright mistruth – about what the changes mean and the exact groups they apply to (and in which situations)."


What makes us so angry is that these garbage marketers spreading these lies are doing so combined with fear to sell a product - and that is what steams us.


So hear it straight from the horses mouth and compare here what all the lying fools out their were trying to convince us as truth just a week or so ago.


audio interview/webinar with Assistant Deputy at the FTC, Mr. Rich Cleland.



Send a Postcard to Soldiers Overseas


It has been made aware to us by one of our long time subscribers that Xerox is actively participating in printing and sending postcards to US Military Personnel Overseas.


No matter how you personally feel about the wars or the politics behind them, the men and women in uniform deserve our support and thanks for their efforts and sacrifices especially during the Holiday Season as they long to be home but cannot, and we encourage you to join in our support by sending a postcard to one or more of these folks .....


As one Sergeant put it .....


Thank you so much for the post card. It is so nice to receive things in the mail here. Some would not believe it but the simple good feeling of going to the company mail room and the clerk saying "Yes, you have mail" is an uplifting experience.  Even if it’s just a letter saying "hi" makes our day! Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. 




Please consider showing your personal support by picking and sending one or more of these soldiers, whom are comprised of our Brothers and Sisters, Parents, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and and other family a postcard during this holiday season right away at:


Lets Say Thanks




Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


It's A New Year Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU - $200 Referral Contest

Launches on:     12/31/2009
Closing Doors:   01/30/2010


Santa's Holiday JV Giveaway - Hosted by Brad Smith and Shaun Trevett

Launches on:     12/09/2009
Closing Doors:   01/15/2010


End of Year Giveaway - Fred Koster

Launches on:     12/15/2009
Closing Doors:   12/31/2009


New JV Talent New Year Giveaway - Hosted by Paul Teague

Launches on:     01/01/2010
Closing Doors:   01/10/2010





Ron Paul - the Fed will self destruct .....

Worldwide Escape from the dollar continues .....

Impeach Obama Movement Gaining Strength .....

Congressman Ron Paul’s quest to bring down the Federal Reserve continues. In a CNBC interview this morning he reiterated again his firm position against the activities of the Federal Reserve being conducted in secret. Paul believes there are many questions which Fed legitimately needs to answer on its activities. He thinks the public should have the right to know how, when, and to whom the nation’s central bank lends its money.

According to Paul, whose basic premise in his fight against the Fed is Einstein’s “Don’t expect the people who caused a problem to solve it,” 75% of people want to see the Fed audited. “The Fed will self destruct when it destroys the dollar”, Paul said.

India's central bank, like many other countries dumping the US Dollar as their reserve currency, recently bought half of the 400 tons of gold the International Monetary Fund had offered for sale - has indicated it may now buy the remaining 200 tons. It is open to making additional purchases in the future.

No one knows where gold is going tomorrow, next week, or next month - but the trend of large gold purchases by foreign countries dumping their dollars has clearly begun, and it should help put a long-term floor under its price.

But for the dollar and those whom use it this is tragic news.

Wow ..... we could hardly believe it when we seen it for ourselves - not even a full year - the initiative to impeach Obama and the articles of impeachment thereof.

In addition, we know that with Floyd Brown behind it they are as serious as it comes and they will carry it through to the end one way or the other.

Most people know Floyd Brown as the man behind the infamous Willie Horton Ad that sunk the presidential aspirations of Governor Michael Dukakis, or for the pivotal work in support of the confirmation of Justice Clarence Thomas.





News Busted (Humor)








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