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Giveaways Galore!


It is obvious that everyone and their brother has jumped on the bandwagon of Giveaways with the explosion of events taking place.


The disturbing part of this is the typical follow the herd mentality similar to the last six months of Traffic Programs, Products, and related we have seen pummel the market.


Prior to that it was suddenly everyone and their brother was a "Coach" - ridiculous.


Cannot anyone come up with anything original?


We admit that the events are a great way to build lists, but building lists for the sake of list building without having any real product or original thought  to offer to the list is like the the bridge to nowhere.


We are thankful to God that our core businesses are safe from this herd mentality in IM in which most do not have the technical expertise nor the capital necessary to affect us.


However, in the IM world the Herd mentality cuts the overall productivity and profitability as clearly seen with the Giveaways, Coaching, and most recently the Traffic Herd ..... instead of a few making money, no one is making any real money to speak of and they all are starving .....



Photoshop PSD Graphics for All II Site


We have been delayed in the finishing of our Photoshop PSD Graphics for All II Membership Site due to a problem with the new version of the script and the way it manages downloads.


Joe spent the weekend going through the code and figuring out what the problem is exactly and has made successful changes that no longer delay the downloads from being served to the Members.


We have a Dedicated Server allocated specifically for download deliveries and the problem arose when the new script addressed the new server in a way that was unexpected and not configured as it was with the previous version.


Therefore due to this delay our Super Discounted Membership Drive continues on as originally planned while we continue to build the site - but if no more hurtles pop up this shall be ending relatively soon and so will the 60%+ Discount.


Many Folks continue being penny wise and pound foolish buying piece meal - costing in the end many times more then getting the whole enchilada at once ..... clearly the smarter long term investment strategy :-)



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Independence Day Giveaway Event - Hosted by AECNU - $300 Referral Contest
Launches on:     06/30/2010
Closing Doors:   07/31/2010


Catch a Wave Giveaway Event - Hosted by Adrienne Lee & Jeffrey Pallidino
Launches on:     06/01/2010
Closing Doors:   06/30/2010


Julie's Birthday Giveaway - Hosted by Julie Fletcher
Launches on:     06/10/2010
Closing Doors:   06/25/2010


World Cup Giveaway - Hosted by David Walker and Paul Wilson
Launches on:     06/15/2010
Closing Doors:   07/14/2010


PLR Essentials Giveaway Event - Hosted by Ruth Rankin
Launches on:     06/15/2010
Closing Doors:   07/14/2010


Early Bird Giveaway - Hosted by Tom the Toolman
Launches on:     06/15/2010
Closing Doors:   06/30/2010





How Ron Paul can help repeal Obamacare with six words and Box In the Republicans

Gasoline Prices may skyrocket after US Government approves Tax Hike on Oil

The US Government is losing the battle against deflation?

From Gary North on

The six words are: Public Law 111-148 is hereby repealed.

Public Law 111-148 is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This is the compulsory health insurance law that Democrats rammed through Congress and Obama signed.

The Republican Party voted unanimously to oppose it. Most of them did this for low-risk grandstanding reasons. Had George W. Bush proposed the bill, they would have voted for it, just as they voted for his prescription drug law.

Ron Paul can force their hands in November. By introducing the bill, he will guarantee that...






From Newsmax:

Democratic Senate and House leaders have agreed on a 300 percent increase in the oil excise tax, to 32 cents a barrel from 8 cents now.

The hike is as part of the tax and spending bill likely to be approved this week. So you can expect gasoline prices to rise down the road.

The tax pays for the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, which now totals about $1.6 billion. The fund will likely be decimated by the economic damages arising from the BP oil spill.

The new rate would be effective in the first quarter that begins 60 days after the bill is enacted, which could mean this October.






From Newsmax:

The United States’ M3 money supply reportedly is plunging at an accelerating pace similar to that in 1929 to 1933, despite near-zero interest rates.

The M3 data — which include a broad range of bank accounts and are tracked by British and European experts for danger signs about the U.S. economy — began shrinking a year ago, London’s Daily Telegraph reported. That race has since picked up speed.

"It’s frightening," Professor Tim Congdon, from International Monetary Research, told the newspaper.

"The plunge in M3 has no precedent since the Great Depression. The dominant reason for this is that regulators across the world are pressing banks to raise capital asset ratios and to shrink their risk assets. This is why the US is not recovering properly," he said.





News Busted (Humor)


White House Jester Beheaded For Making Fun Of Soaring National Debt

From The Onion:

WASHINGTON—After serving 12 years in the position, Motley, the official White House Jester, was beheaded Tuesday after delivering a poorly received jape about the spiraling national debt before President and Mrs. Obama.

"For crimes of great arrogance and cheek, His Idiocy the White House Jester has been sentenced to a swift demise," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said following the death sentence. "Let it be heard over every city and suburb of this land that the National Debt is no topic for frivolity, and the mailed hand of Obama shall smite all offenders."

Motley, who used his last words to beg in vain for Obama's mercy…

Read full article .....

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