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$460 An Hour Home Job Guaranteed - screamed the headline .....


We say BS - the sender of this email whom we used to respect - is either the biggest fool on the planet, a damb liar, or as we bet both.


First of all they are a fool for thinking we would believe believe it for a second because .....


Why would they tell this so called way to make $460 an hour for $77 - when if true - other then by selling the program using this headline - it would surely cause a whole bunch of competition in whatever it is reducing earnings for all?


Why in the hell are they dealing with the trials and tribulations of IM if they are making $460 an hour?


We say BS and Liar!





Marketer Claims "Your $1,000 in a week guarantee" but cannot pay his child support


This one is just another fraud - maybe not the opportunity because we admit we did not try it out - but the Marketer promoting this offer Himself is surely a fraud!


Must be hoping that he can get enough people to join this deal so he can make his $1000 in a week .....


- truly sickening :-(




Fighting Giveaway Fraud


It was too little, too late when we heard that Reed Floren and Alan Magliocca decided they were going to try to do something about the massive fraud in their Giveaway Event.


So they are going to run a script that will down grade those JV Partners whom did not have referred contributors whom submitted a gift ..... BFD


It may have changed the numbers DRASTICALLY for the event - but it truly did not punish the frauds to begin with.


and what took them so long to notice that fraud was occurring?


The signs were written all over the wall in spot lights!


What should have happened, because the particular script they are running tracks IP's, is that everyone caught with signups from the same IP should have been permanently burned and thrown from the event.


All that is happening though is that their contributor referrals are turned into member referrals and the staggering numbers are still a fraud - they just transferred the numbers from contributors to members.


Once again BFD! The numbers whether or not contributors or members are a fraud.


Even though we ourselves have in the past been running Giveaway Manager 2 which does not have IP tracking - a quick look at the database and using a little common sense makes the task of spotting fraud simple a little more difficult - and with IP Tracking it should be a super simple breeze!


But noooooo ..... these self proclaimed Guru's want to not clean up the event like they should have, and claim the thousands of frauds that are present as Members ..... irrelevant if contributors or members - they are fraud!


What do you want to bet they use the numbers from this event to promote how great their events are the next time they host an event?


Now lets see whom is really paying attention and reading our newsletters .....


As mentioned earlier we have been running Giveaway Manager 2 for years and popping fraudsters without IP Tracking.


Well I have got news for the few that are honest and paying attention which obviously Bob's are :-) We purchased Scott Cases Ultimate JV Giveaway Script and plan on running our Thanks for Giving Giveaway on it ..... testing it for accuracy before we put big contest money on it.


So here is the heads up ..... if you are reading this - I personally invite you to participate in this event keeping in mind I do not want the promo blitz for JV Partners/Contributors to happen no earlier then Thursday 09/30/10 at 9:00 AM EST - that's Eastern Standard Time US


Here is a clock preprogrammed with some time zones so there are no excuses and here is the event link :-)





Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Happy Halloween Monster Giveaway Event - Hosted by AECNU - $300 Referral Contest
Launches on: 09/30/10

Closing Doors: 11/01/10


Last Chance Giveaway Event - Hosted by Hans Castiglionir
Launches on: 10/01/10

Closing Doors: 11/06/10


Summers Midnight Magic Giveaway - Hosted by LeeAnn Summers
Launches on: 10/07/10

Closing Doors: 10/28/10


Bob's Write In about Giveaway Frauds .....

Bob ..... as all of our regular readers are familiar with that we spelled his name backwards so that nobody will know whom we are talking about ..... writes in ..... actually two different Bob's ..... lol ..... relying to our allegations of Fraud in the Massive Guru Giveaway stated and we quote:
Hello Joseph,
I just wanted to reply to your latest Newsletter about Fraud.

When I look at the Goodfellas JV Giveaway, hosted by  John Cornetta and Scott Stamper
with the Giveaway Manager 3.
The numbers are even worse, they have 2581 contributors, 70 have paid for upgrade,and
2511 are free, they also have 132 Active Gifts, that is a 5% gift submission ratio.
They also have 1244 Free members.
It seems to me, that the events hosted with GM3 are the fraudulences.
I just wanted to let you know, have a nice day,


Well Bob, we did not report on that event due to we did not join it for several reasons to include these folks you mentioned above do not actively participate in our events, what comes around goes around.

However, in addition we know the frauds of the past of events held using Giveaway Manager 3 are pervasive and I do not know if there is IP tracking in it, we do not own the script.


The other Bob writes in .....

Hi Joseph,

Just some tidbit numbers on these latest events and their misleading concepts.

Massive Guru 09/23/2010 10am central

Total JV Members: 2277
Total Members: 193
Total Gifts: 375
JV OTO Sales: # 91 X 3 gifts each = 273
375 gifts -
273 gifts
102 + 91 = 193 actual promoting contributors at event launch
Current contributor leader at almost 1000 contributors Shane Purcell

Ultra giveaway on 08/30/2010 following launch for members
shane purcell 972 972 2 2 974 5 $125.00 ---------led with contributors currently only 2 active contributors 100's in bogus contributor signups

alan magliocca 1101 1101 2 2 1103 0 $0.00 1st place winner
also only 2 active contributor

With the advent of big prize money the cheats shall arise.



You are right again Bob, but in most of these events the host can see whom the cheats are and burn their ass right on the spot.

but noooooo ..... they would rather have the big fraud numbers and the impression that the event is the "Biggest Giveaway of the Year" (you have no idea how many times we heard that crap this year alone.)

If the host of the event would get off their ass they could spot the frauds in a minute like we do in our events ..... more on this in the article titled "Fighting Giveaway Fraud" in the left column of this newsletter :-)


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