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Hard Drive Defect


Just about an hour ago or so we finished replacing the main hard disk drive in my computer with a new one - going through the painstaking task of transferring the data and reprogramming the new drive.


Yepper, a defective hard drive that is less then a year old gaining bad sectors.


I noticed the symptoms of the drive going bad via programs that in the past ran fine but are now not working anymore - I got them working again re-installing them on the new drive.


I bought and used a program called hard disk sentinel to tell me what is going on with the drive and it told me there were several bad sectors and two weak sectors - therefore I decided to change the drive which is still under warranty and get this fixed before it causes me much greater grief.


I had hoped to do a more thorough look through Affiliate Startup Blueprint before now, which up until this moment seems to be a great product, but that will be delayed until our next newsletter .....


Joseph Anderson CEO AECNU Internet




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Income Tax Rates Go Up, Wealthy Taxpayers Vanish

The state of Maryland is watching Atlas Shrugged play out in real life…

A recent tax hike on the state’s wealthiest people was expected to funnel an extra $106 million into state coffers last year. Instead, tax revenues drained from successful people plummeted… and the number of successful filers plummeted as well.

Sure, the recession damaged incomes, but it’s obvious some people are leaving the state… rather than stick around and pay for hundreds of thousands of moochers. Bravo!

the state comptroller's office now has the final tax return data for 2008, the first year that the higher tax rates applied. The number of millionaire tax returns fell sharply to 5,529 from 7,898 in 2007, a 30% tumble. The taxes paid by rich filers fell by 22%, and instead of their payments increasing by $106 million, they fell by some $257 million ..... See Full Article Here




Local governments in massive gun revolt against Washington

State launches boycott of 'unconstitutional' federal laws

What happened to the 10th Amendment?

Utah has become the third state to adopt a law exempting guns and ammunition made, sold and used in the state from massive federal regulations under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and supporters say about 30 more states have some sort of plan for their own exemptions in the works.

Officials in Utah say they expect a lawsuit over their direct challenge to Washington if the federal government succeeds in its current case against Montana's law.

Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, who has spearheaded the Montana law, now describes himself as a sort of "godfather" to .....
Tennessee is urging 49 other states to come together and create a "joint working group between the states" to combat unconstitutional federal legislation and assert state rights.

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen signed HJR 108, the State Sovereignty Resolution on June 23. According to the Tenth Amendment Center, the resolution created a committee to form a joint working group between the states to enumerate the abuses of authority by the federal government and seek repeal of imposed mandates.

State Rep. Susan Lynn recently wrote a letter to the other 49 state legislatures, inviting them to join the group and warning that the role of the federal government has been "blurred, bent .....
A new wave of revolution in support of individual and states rights is developing across the United States, and officials tracking the movement at the Tenth Amendment Center say it is time.

"These days, the United States government rarely follows its founding document," said Michael Boldin, founder of the center, which is launching a campaign to publicize the influence of the federal government, the issue at the core of most arguments over government actions and individual rights.

Constitution Day, the anniversary of the adoption of the document, is today.

When the Constitution was being considered for .....





Gordon Brown Calls for
EU-US Global Order


Notes From Media Research Center
Tracking Liberal Media Bias Since 1996


1. Lefty Jon Stewart Hits Bush Speechwriter for Living in 'Selective World,' Tells Him to Respond on Internet
Liberal comedian Jon Stewart featured a rare conservative voice on Tuesday's Daily Show, former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen. As he often does during the occasions he talks to right-leaning guests, Stewart turned combative, attacking Thiessen for "living in a selective world." At the end of the segment, Stewart started to go to break and added, "We'll go to commercial and then we'll keep talking." An incredulous Thiessen retorted, "So, you talk and we go to commercial?" He challenged, "I can't get my points on the air?" A sarcastic Stewart quipped, "Geez, I'm trying to think of a way can I remove what I said and just have you speak." He then offered Thiessen a chance for rebuttal on the internet.

2. USA Today Lends Helping Hand to Battered "ClimateGate" Scientist
Four months after "ClimateGate" exposed top climate scientists trying to manipulate data and suppress dissent, USA Today has brought forth a front-page feature article that seems aimed at rehabilitating one of those exposed by the scandal, Penn State professor Michael Mann. Reporter Brian Winter fretted how "the setbacks have contributed to a growing skepticism of climate science in the USA," and noted a "fundamental shift" by the environmentalists in an effort to "try to win back an increasingly skeptical American public." So, in its Thursday, March 11 piece USA Today aided that PR effort, quoting Mann and a bevy of other climate alarmists at length, all insisting that there should be no doubts about the integrity of their science.

3. CBS's Smith Touts Anti-War Film 'Green Zone' As 'Bourne Meets Hurt Locker'
In an interview with Matt Damon near the end of Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith helped promote the actor's latest film, 'Green Zone,' which attacks the Bush administration over the Iraq war: "What was it like to make a movie like this? Because it's a little – it's – I'm not sure if this is an apt analogy, but it's a little 'Bourne' meets 'Hurt Locker.'" Smith was impressed with Damon being part of a movie with a message: "Some of your last several movies, it seems like the movies have to make a point....are you at a point where 'well, if I'm going to do x or y or z, then a, b and c have got to be movies that make a point? Is there part of that in the decision making process?"

4. ABC's Jake Tapper Shoehorns Patrick Kennedy Rant Into Unrelated Health Care Story
Good Morning America's Jake Tapper on Thursday forced a completely unrelated rant by Representative Patrick Kennedy into a story entirely on health care. The Rhode Island Democrat's March 10 speech railed against the war in Afghanistan. Yet, Tapper tried to portray the remark as somehow related to health care legislation.



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