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December huge increase in FELONY Hacking attempts

This month has proven to be a peak month where cyber criminals attempt to hack our networks and certainly those of others.

We now confirm the fact that the following hosts are engaged either in Felony Hacking or have compromised servers with the later the more likely:

Host Papa, Inc.
OrgId:          HOSTP-2
Address:        115 George Street, Suite 511
City:           Oakville
StateProv:      ON
PostalCode:     L6J-0A2
Country:        Canada

AT&T Services, Inc. Domain Administrator 240 N Meridian St. Room 280 Indianapolis, IN 46204 US

Our hosted clients have nothing to fear - though these criminal networks/servers may have tried to compromise our network - to date all they have been able to accomplish is slowing our servers down as our servers fight off the attack using our very own creation Dedicated Server Guard as the weapon of choice.

Needless to say as usual there were absolutely no compromises of our servers or hosted sites.



Last Regular Newsletter until after Christmas

This will be our last edition of regular newsletter until after the Christmas Holiday.

We will however be sending out some Christmas cheer newsletters with Free Quality Downloads :-)

Next week on Tuesday we will be back with our regular newsletter and we will come out swinging .....

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!


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OUTRAGE: The Federal Reserve could soon inject $1 TRILLION to bail out Europe

Forget Swiss bank accounts... The government is now targeting Americans in the U.S. - no surprise

Highly-respected constitutional lawyer: Obama is completely out of control

From Zero Hedge:

As first reported here, two weeks ago, European banks saw the amount of USD-loans from the Fed, via the ECB's revised swap line, surge to over $50 billion – a total first hit in the aftermath of the Bear Stearns failure prompting us to ask, "When is Lehman coming?"

However, according to little-noted prepared remarks by Anthony Sanders in his Friday testimony to the Congress Oversight Committee,

"What the Euro Crisis Means for Taxpayers and the U.S. Economy, Pt. 1," we may have been optimistic, because the end result will be not when is Lehman coming, but when are the next two Lehmans coming... as according to Sanders, the relaunch of the Fed's swaps program may "get to the $1 trillion level, or perhaps even higher."

As a reference, FX swap line usage peaked at $583 billion in the Lehman aftermath. Needless to say, this estimate is rather ironic because as Bloomberg's Bradely Keoun reports,

"Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke yesterday told a closed-door gathering of Republican senators that the Fed won’t provide more aid to European banks beyond the swap lines and the discount window – another Fed program that provides emergency funds to U.S. banks, including U.S. branches of foreign banks."

Well, between $1 trillion-plus in FX swap lines, and a...

From Zero Hedge:

Two headlines. Similar stories. The first from Switzerland:

The United States authorities have offered to lift the threat of legal action against 11 Swiss banks in exchange for information, a Swiss paper reported on Sunday.

This is part of a very long story. The U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) has been doing everything it can to get the names of U.S. citizens who have Swiss bank accounts.

The DOJ damn-near busted UBS over this a few years back. Now they are going after the other Swiss banks. The lawyers at the DOJ don't kid around:

"Give us the names or we'll sue the s** out of you."

Given what happened to UBS ($780 million in fines), the other banks have no choice but to fold and hand over the info.

This second story ratchets things up a bit and brings it home:

A federal district court judge has given the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) permission to serve a "John Doe" summons on the California State Board of Equalization, demanding the names of residents who transferred property to their children or grandchildren for little or no money from 2005 to 2010.

... These pushy techniques have worked well in Switzerland...

From Washington's Blog:

I've previously noted that Obama says he can assassinate American citizens living on U.S. soil.

This may sound over-the-top.

But nationally-recognized constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley (the second most cited law professor in the country, one of the top 10 lawyers handling military cases, who has served as a consultant on homeland security and constitutional issues and is a frequent witness before the House and Senate on constitutional and statutory issues, who ranked 38th in the top 100 most cited ‘public intellectuals’ in a recent study by a well-known judge) said yesterday on C-Span (starting at 15:50):

It's even worse than coming into your house. President Obama has just stated a policy that he can have any American citizen killed without any charge, without any review, except his own. If he's satisfied that you are a terrorist, he says  he can kill you anywhere in the world, including in the United States.

Two of his aides were just at a panel two weeks ago and they reaffirmed they believe that American citizens can be killed on the order of the President anywhere, including the United States.

You've now got a president who says that he can kill you...




  News Busted

  News Busted


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