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Organized Group of DDOS Attackers

We have suffered the last two weeks from on and off DDOS attacks ..... mostly on ..... and we have discovered a well organized and massive network of servers within the US that carry out the attacks.

When I say massive I mean massive - hundreds of servers ..... and of course it is almost sure that the Department of Homeland Insecurity knows nothing about this network or the DDOS network would not exist as it is - or at least we should hope not considering that we should be getting something for the money paid to DHS other then harassing ordinary law abiding citizens for crimes they might commit.

We admit this has caused us nothing but grief for the last two weeks fighting these bastards - but on the upside is that it is exposing their whole network of domains and IP's for law enforcement to deal with once we have completed compiling the list or at least a partial list to get them on the right track.

These attacks on us have caused many problems not limited to but including ..... the appearance of our server going down because the load caused by the attacks was so heavy that it could not deal with them all, email up and down, web sites up and down, Get Response shutting our marketing domain down twice so we could not market to our list during these two brief domain account removals,  delaying the progression on our projects, making it almost impossible to do our normal business activities, and much more.

Well revenge is in order, and no -  due to US Law we will not be attacking them back, but with the spreading of the newest updates to our Dedicated Server Guard Subscribers - it will put those servers protected by it in an unreachable position in regards to the DDOS Network putting the permanent hurt on these predators or at least this particular DDOS Network .....





As our regular subscribers know we spell Bob's name backwards so that nobody knows whom we are talking about ..... Bob Writes .....

Good day Joe.
What do you get when you have a highly sophisticated group of hackers attacking your server, a server guard software package that is superior to anything on the market, a deadline staring you in the face that you're afraid you can't meet because of those hackers, a media library filled with HUGE photos (greater than 5.5MB each) and, oh year, a Wordpress plug-in that is not up to par.

Yepper Bob is absolutely right ..... due to the massive attack of hackers and DDOS attacks on these systems it is hard to discern what the real problem may be with a web site or server because the true nature of the problem is obfuscated by the attack.

Once the attack was mitigated by the newest version of Dedicated Server Guard Bob was once again on his way to figuring out what the real problem is and getting his sites and work in order.

For those of you with REAL Linux Dedicated Servers ..... you can put a halt to the lions share of spam, DDOS attacks, and Hackers within a few minutes ruining their day instead of yours using our Dedicated Server Guard Firewall



Finally Back to Business .....

We can finally get back to the business of business with our immediate concerns being our and the finishing of the transfer of our Photoshop PSD Graphics for All Downloads to their new server in the US.

Our Do It Yourself Web Site Design has a lot more features and instructional Videos to be added and we have loads of new graphics for our Photoshop PSD Graphics for All Members.



Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


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