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Core Business is exploding


During the last several weeks our core businesses i.e. DSL Internet Access and Web Hosting have been exploding and we are and have been very busy taking care of our cherished customers that provide our base income which pays the bills and keeps everyone employed at AECNU.


Of course this boom has caused our Internet Marketing portion of our business to suffer and further delayed the completion of our Photoshop PSD Graphics for All II project.


Relative to the Photoshop PSD Graphics for All II project, software upgrades to the software running the site have caused a massive part of the delay until we came up with our own solution - then as most of our current members have seen - massive product updates are coming out almost daily since we got the Membership Script under control.


The major reason why it was such a bear is because the makers of the Membership software encrypted the code so modifications are almost impossible - but not totally impossible when you have great programmer resources  as we at AECNU employ :-)





Why we love Professional AutoResponder Services


We love professional Autoresponder services like Get Response because of the idiots out there.


We can certainly run our own and have done so in the past - but when a spam complaint comes in it is your word against the complainer.


But not in the case of third party Autoresponder services.


Not only will they have the evidence to clear you with the authorities, use their own resources to manage your list, but they will also know what a LIAR the idiot is complaining "you spammed me" since they themselves have the double opt-in permission evidence on file including IP address.


However the idiots think they are doing something more by taking the time and complaining when in reality they may get removed from our list by simply unsubscribe link. But Nooooo, they want to waste their own time trying to complain to the very authority that KNOWS they are a liar and has the proof in hand.


Get Response - our best friend when it comes to email marketing :-) and getting rid of the lying complaining "you spammed me" idiots from our lists :-)


If you are in Internet Marketing and/or email marketing, do yourself a big favor and save yourself a lot of grief by retaining a professional Autoresponder Service :-)





No Inflation?


Recently we ran a newsletter with content regarding inflation. About how the US Government is lying about inflation like they are lying about most things, cooking the books, to avoid paying out to the People whom are receiving Social Security and other Lawful entitlements - giving them their rightful cost of living increase - lying that there is no inflation.


This week we received an email from one of our banks that proves even they know and admit that inflation is out of control, on some things in the 100%+ over 2009.


We thought it would be interesting for our readers to see this for themselves :-)


So without further ado .....


The 12 Days of Christmas Inflation Index




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It's not a tax cut if no ones taxes are going down


  Moderator Bob Schieffer: “Now, Senator Kyl, is the Senate going to get down to business and resolve this whole business of the tax cuts?”
Senator Jon Kyl: “I hope so. We can. We should. I would just make one point. Nobody is talking about tax cuts. We’re talking about extending the rates that have been in existence for the last decade....
Schieffer: “Why was it so important, why is it so important to Republicans to extend the tax cuts for the upper-income people?... [to Democratic Senator Dick Durbin] Would these tax cuts be temporary for everybody or would this be something permanent?”...
Kyl: “First of all, we’re not talking about tax cuts.”
Schieffer: “I gotcha.”


  Nigel Farage without fear tells the TRUTH about the US and EU  
  Italy next Euro Failure?  
  EU Superstate, One EU People, One EU Empire, One EU Ruler  
More lies of the EU Government, at about video position 02:56 one MEP Joseph Daul claims "we are in a Democracy". Oh really? and which EU countries citizenry voted the EU President into power? - You are a Liar Joseph Daul like the majority of the Pro EU Politicos - the answer is no countries citizenry voted for the President of the EU - not one.

Then at about video position 07:30 MEP Martin Schulz claims "unity is a sign of European Democratic Values. Oh Really ..... once again whom voted for the President? The EU is no Democracy and by the way - when did we get to vote to join the EU - Once again NOT. Who the hell do these people think they are fooling?

We have no respect, only disdain, for the Brussels so called Government called the European Parliament of unelected wanna be dictators.

By the way, if it were truly a democracy Mr. Blooms comments would have been acknowledged as freedom of speech and opinion - in a democratic state which it is obviously not. There is no goodness of the house - pure evil .....

Viktor Kovtanets


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