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Busier then Hell - short on people


Needless to say and as many of you have probably noticed things have slowed down considerably here at AECNU partially due to being short handed with Eva now gone for almost four weeks and Villy working only two days a week :-(


By the time you folks get this newsletter Eva should be back kicking butt full time.

(Update: Eva is out until Friday and Villy until Thursday)


On the upside is that Peter and I have been plugging away at our core businesses with more new hosting accounts and design jobs then we can possibly handle (eat your heart out Hostgator with your oversold, overloaded slow ass shared hosting) not to mention a lot of people whom are sick and tired of paying Time Warner for Cable Broadband then we charge for DSL and a Landline from their local phone company combined - joining and putting our tech support doing setups to the test.


With Eva back full time and Villy working her regular part time due to university obligations, we should be able to get back to or IM stuff and hopefully get some of the thousands of graphics etc. we have recently purchased up on the Photoshop Site and possibly finished before Christmas.


Sometimes it seems like we can never get caught up, just when I think we are getting close .....





Bob Writes in ..... Admin from Hell?


as regular readers know we have spelled Bob's name backwards so that nobody will know whom we are talking about ..... we have truncated part of Bob's letter removing the parts she included that were not relevant to the message about Giveaway Hosts downgrading Upgraded Contributors .....


"Hello Bob,

There is a HelpDesk response by Administrator.

Response details:

Response by : Administrator
Time : November 26, 2010, 9:48 pm

i am contacting PayPal regarding your claim for refund to show you are a fraud, further more i will post this with every marketer I can. This industry does not need loser abuse like you

You can also view the response and track the progress of your ticket online at:

Thank You.
Technical Support Team"

This is their idea of customer support? That just blows my mind!

And, they're calling ME a fraud!!!  Talk about overreaction!

Sounds like a guilty conscience, they know what they are doing is wrong!

Hey, Joe, if you haven't already done so (and I usually read your newsletters, but haven't seen it mentioned), please warn your readers about this new development in the giveaway event industry of hosts downgrading PAID contributors.

Seriously, I think this is taking giveaway events to a new low.




Greetings Bob :-) 
thank you for the update - though I admit I am horrified by their response to your ticket!


It is my opinion that the knowledge for both you and others to know of this "downgrade you anyway even though you paid for the upgrade" practice was worth much more then $12 even if we have to pay it, willing to give the refund, and brought it in a light that I can write about it in our newsletters without looking like a jealous fool or possibly out of spite?  
Furthermore, in many ways to include but not limited to the fact that it puts our events and practice of NOT doing this in a more valuable light and hopefully thought to be a better and more trust worthy event by JV Partners/Contributors.
On what do they base a fraud accusation?
Is this the way to behave to valued JV Partners/Contributors instead of explaining the terms and reasons behind the downgrade or not specifically and clearly post this policy on the event itself?
I do plan 110% on warning JV Partner/Contributors in our next newsletter about this practice of downgrading paid contributors but this adds a whole new separate rant about how not to respond to a support ticket.
If I would have contacted them I would have respectfully requested that they re-instate your account and apologize for the mis-communication regarding the terms of the event but bring it to their attention that they made a mistake NOT making it clear that they would downgrade "upgraded" contributors for lack of referrals.
I am 110% on your side regarding these issues Bob :-)
Joe :-)




Merry Christmas Giveaway Stats Posted - Probable Fraud Exposed


Today we burned a bunch of JV Partners/Contributors from our Merry Christmas Event this morning that were either way short on the referral promotion aspect or with a little digging exposed as probable frauds.


Yes we at AECNU are quick to point out Giveaway Frauds in others events but not without examining our own too.


So here we go ..... here is the current - as of this morning - list of stats that shows even what are thought to be large list holders or Guru's do not promote or Sandbag the event.


It would also suggest that those that are considered to have medium sized internet marketers but not so called "Guru" status are the drivers of most of the events traffic further reinforcing our observation reported in the article to the right that most "BIG Name Gurus" do not promote the event or sand bag it just enough to stay in the event.


I'll tell you upfront I am much happier and excited about seeing the likes of JV Partners like Paul Pavel, David Railey, Jerry Plumlee, Hans Castiglioni, Mieke Janssens, Keith Bowman, Phillip Brewer, Paul Teague, and a whole bunch more (please do not take offense if you were not in this list - it would be too large to post all of you respected folks here) then so called "Gurus" whom BS and sandbag the event - and though this may make us some enemies - so be it because it is the truth - Willie Crawford, Brad Smith, Guido Nussbaum, and many more whom obviously have huge lists but do not promote shit for other people - What? are they afraid we will promote a better event then they do putting a kill on fraud like we do or possibly sell a better quality product then they do? So be it.


When these people sign up as a JV Partner we know they are not going to do shit - see ya - we would prefer that they not participate and not parasite off of our events without reciprocal promotion - oh and needless to say they do not upgrade either ..... lol




Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Its A New Year 2011 Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU
Launches on: 12/31/2010
Closing Doors: 01/31/2011


Seven Dollar Giveaway - Hosted by David Railey
Launches on: 12/11/2010
Closing Doors: 12/18/2010


Merry Christmas JV Giveaway - Hosted by Paul Pavel
Launches on: 12/13/2010
Closing Doors: 01/03/2011


Hans Merry Christmas JV Giveaway - Hosted by Connie Michielsens
Launches on: 12/15/2010
Closing Doors: 12/30/2011


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Bob writes in about Greedy Giveaway 6 .....

I know the one thing that turned me off when I got the JV Invite was one his JV Partners Rules:


Rule #1:
You MUST Promote the giveaway. We have coded in Tracking Stats to ensure ALL JV Partners are Promoting.

If you do not have at least 10 unique "member" referrals within 48 hours after the giveaway launches your JV account will automatically be downgraded and your gift will be removed.

A mailing list size of at least 1,000 subscribers is required. DO NOT sign-up if you don't meet this requirement or your account will be deleted without notice.

Rule #2:
You must upload a quality gift. Please be the original author of the product (no resell rights junk please!)

Rule #3:
Follow rules 1 and 2 or be banned from this and all future giveaway events.

Regarding: "A mailing list size of at least 1,000 subscribers is required. DO NOT sign-up if you don't meet this requirement or your account will be deleted without notice."
Every well known Internet Marketer I follow tells you this is one of the ways to grow a list if you don't have a list or a small list.

Rule #2:
"You must upload a quality gift. Please be the original author of the product (no resell rights junk please!)"

Uh,, is that not the other thing taught by the "Gurus" if you don't have your own product, then resale/resell products is the way to go.  There are plenty of resale/resell products that are Not Junk and useful for Internet Marketing.

I for one felt insulted reading these rules and did not want to participate.  Seems like he wanted the "Big Name Gurus" to participate, so I let them. Excuse the F@@@ out of me.

Well Bob I see your point and have lived it in more ways then one.

One of the bizarre parts of the rules is coming from the perspective and experience of being a Giveaway Host, most of the "BIG Name Gurus" do not promote the event or sand bag it just enough to stay in the event.

From a list builder perspective, before the availability of upgrades in events were possible - it took us 3 years to build a list to 700 because we were booted from events quickly due to lack of referrals.

With upgrades and the ability to stay in the event for it's entire duration - the result was a list of 4000+ in a year.

Therefore it is my well thought out opinion that if you have no list or a small list, it is in your own best interest to upgrade in those events that DO NOT downgrade you to member even though you have upgraded.

(see Bob writes in ..... admin from hell article in left column)




The airport security story you won't see anywhere else

Why you should care about the "Wikileaks" scandal

Pathetic US Government cannot even print money properly

From Sovereign Man:

Military tacticians and historians often make use of the term 'tip of the spear.' It refers to a combat force that is used to puncture the enemy's initial lines of defense, to be quickly followed by concentrated forces which destroy any remaining threat.

Tactically, the tip of the spear is a bit of a blitzkrieg – an unexpected onslaught of firepower and destruction that takes the enemy by surprise, scatters his resources, and fractures his morale.

I'm convinced that what we're seeing right now from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the tip of the spear in the government's battle for...
From Gonzalo Lira:

It's only when you poke the beast that you get a sense of its true nature.

The American government, media, and corporate establishment are all in a tizzy over the latest poke from Wikileaks:

The "whistleblowing" site (it really isn't, but I'll get to that in a minute) is releasing excerpts from a cache of some 250,000 diplomatic cables and other documents. These cables were sent from various American embassies back to the State Department between 1966 and 2010. The leaks have been dripping out since November 28, revealing a whole host of tawdry but so far trivial tidbits of American diplomatic behavior.

None of the "secrets" revealed by Wikileaks are really secrets...
From: Yahoo! News

As a metaphor for our troubled economic and financial era -- and the government's stumbling response -- this one's hard to beat. You can't stimulate the economy via the money supply, after all, if you can't print the money correctly.

Because of a problem with the presses, the federal government has shut down production of its flashy new $100 bills, and has quarantined more than 1 billion of them -- more than 10 percent of all existing U.S. cash -- in a vault in Fort Worth, Texas, reports CNBC.

"There is something drastically wrong here," one source told CNBC ...




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