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Bob writes in .....


As our regular readers know we spelled Bob's named backwards so that nobody will know whom we are talking about :-)


Hi Joe,

I have noticed a swing that is not pretty. Some of it brought on by XXXXXXXX program, other by sly greed.

Your thoughts ?

David and Goliath

I have noticed the ever changing world
of the giveaway event as of late. More and
more people start programs, most, hopefully with the intent to help the beginner build that first all important list, yet fall short by providing aged products, no rights to products. Under delivering at best, and no etiquette understanding or knowledge of how to use a giveaway event properly, and building that ever important relationship.

Today's contributors boast a squeeze page
in one of two forms.

1. Almost no information with regard to

2. Laden with advertising and exit blockers.

For a direct download page, they seem to
believe that posting a one time offer, invite
to their favorite affiliate program, or a seemingly useless pdf file without rights, webpage, or graphics of any kind is appropriate.

To all the giveaway event hosts I say, Slay
The Beast before he slays you.

This is a powerful tool that left unguarded can and will be toppled by the undermining of how to gain and edge, which translated means = I Haven't A Clue How To Do This, So I Cheat!

Keep the faith, David is larger than he looks.





Well Bob this is our sixth year hosting Giveaway Events and yes we have seen many scary trends developing and some in full blown assault.


Those that have been going on for quite some time on the host side are events thrown with crappy graphics, same old cookie cutter out of the box join my event pitch, out of align graphics, and some hosts even offer non-reciprocal promotion, and more.


Recent trends from our observations have been for example on the hosts side "pay only events", events where you pay but get to enter only one gift, less then half commission included as a bonus etc.


We at AECNU have gone the opposite way and offer free members more as well as upgraded then we have in the past making our events even more valuable.


We even allow free accounts to enter an OTO now which is a policy that will be reversed considering the mess it has made due directly to what you are talking about with cheating and the same old clueless content - in this case OTO's being submitted because the partner is clueless on making one themselves.


In one case we have the same OTO submitted 5 times! We had not seen this happening before until we allowed free accounts to add OTO's - this is the first and last time for this option. Admittedly though on occassion we have seen duplicate OTO's submitted - but very rare indeed.


The duplicates in my opinion are only bad because of two trends - JV Partners or Contributors are not taking the time to check for duplicates - so time and again we are denying the submission and because of the "I do not know how or do not want to take the time to do it" syndrome there is a lack of creativity which directly reflects on the gift submissions.


We do not have a problem with the programs that are showing people how to get into events and supplying them content including gifts, but those same people should be using the supplied information to create their own content and product therefore partially solving the duplicate problem and giving spice to events which in turn makes Members want to participate.


One thing I do not personally understand or believe is that all these new folks coming in and using this above described content really believe they are in their own niche? or is it they all believe they are going to enter the well trodden IM niche and be successful without original ideas?


They build a list and then slam it with the same old-same old thinking they are going to make money? ..... Really?


A couple of years ago we mentioned in our newsletters about the trend of the lack of original thought and creativity ..... and now it sticks out like a sore thumb casting a shadow of monotony and duplication over the entire industry .....


We do understand your frustration Bob but we will certainly endure :-)




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+ 814-746-4816

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Closing Doors: 02/28/2011


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