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Dialup Internet Access Just $9. month - and REAL Business Opportunity


We realize via our download statistics that there are many people still on dialup for whatever reason to include affordability, lack of availability of broadband, or it is all they really require.


This is one of our core businesses that have existed since we started it in 1998 in the US/Canada and the following links are not affiliate links, they are directly with us.


Yes we are truly only $9. a month for unlimited Dialup Internet Access and if you are paying more then this you are paying too much - and we are not like other low cost dialup services that charge $9. and then a couple bucks a minute for tech support. Our tech support is free with a toll free number :-)


In addition, if you are one of those folks who does not have any other choice for Internet Access except Dialup due to location, consider becoming an ISP yourself in your area - make sure there is a local dialup access number in your area - if so you are good to go :-)


$9. a month for unlimited Dialup Internet Access


Become an ISP overnight




DSL Broadband Internet Access starting at just $19.95 a month*


If your with Time Warner you probably know all about the high price of cable Internet - and for those whom do not know, you do not want to :-)


Another one of our core businesses is Broadband/Highspeed Internet Access via DSL which we offer for as low as $19.95* a month.


DSL is a little much more tricky then Dialup or Cable Internet Access due to DSL has distance limits and therefore *location is extremely important if not the most important thing due to it determines which local bell we have to deal with as well as price.


Therefore with DSL it is necessary to qualify an address/location to see if DSL is available. We currently serve only the US with DSL - Canadian phone companies are in a tooth and nail fight with us to keep us out of Canada.


If you are interested to see if your address qualifies for DSL and the cost thereof, visit our DSL web site by clicking here.


Last but not least, we are working on a Become a DSL Internet Service Provider program for DSL which as of this moment is still being constructed, but we shall provide you with the web address now for this DSL business opportunity because it is almost ready with just a few more details to be worked out :-)




Domain Name, Hosting, and Internet Services Reseller - like Go Daddy :-)


Millions of domain names are registered and/or renewed every year and the competition is not so fierce with Network Solutions and others charging $35 a year or more while folks like us are charging as low as $1.99 for .info domains and for a fair comparison registering .com domain names for currently $7.49 a year.


Many people believe the well known Go Daddy is the bomb for registering domain names, and granted sometimes they do have some pretty good offers. (But not the best ..... right now they are offering new .com's for $10.69 a year while we are offering them for $7.49 a year)


However, in fact they are just another reseller for another corporation in which we are not allowed to disclose due to non disclosure agreements.


You can tap into this lucrative business and much more if you like for just $89.95 a year - saving a significant amount on domains you register with yourself and making a little money on those whom register through you :-)


For details about getting into the Domain Name Registration Business and a full suite of Services click here.



Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Saint Patrick's Day Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU - $200 Referral Contest

Launches on:     02/28/2010
Closing Doors:   03/31/2010



Top economist Laffer: White House budget "is the perfect plan for catastrophe"



Government Pushing us down the "road to Serfdom"

The "Detroitification" of America

Tim Geithner is Lying through his teeth

From John Stossel in WorldNetDaily Commentary:

Government is taking us a long way down the Road to Serfdom. That doesn't just mean that more of us must work for the government. It means that we are changing from independent, self-responsible people into a submissive flock. The welfare state kills the creative spirit.

F.A. Hayek, an Austrian economist living in Britain, wrote "The Road to Serfdom" in 1944 as a warning that central economic planning would extinguish freedom. The book was a hit. Reader's Digest produced a condensed version that sold 5 million copies.

Hayek meant that governments can't plan economies without planning people's lives. After all, an economy is just individuals engaging in exchanges. The scientific-sounding language of President Obama's economic planning hides the fact that .....




According to a December report from the BLS, state and local government employers spent an average of $39.83 per hour worked ($26.24 for wages and $13.60 for benefits) for total employee compensation in September 2009. Total employer compensation costs for private industry workers averaged $27.49 per hour ($19.45 for wages and $8.05 for benefits), see chart above.

In other words, government employees make 45% more on average than private sector employees.

According to another BLS report
, compensation for private industry workers has increased by 6.9% between December 2006 and December 2009, compared to a 9.8% increase for government workers (state and local) over the same period.

According to an analysis by USAToday (thanks to Michael Jahr for the pointer), "The number of federal workers earning six-figure salaries has exploded during the recession .....


From Porter Stansberry in the S&A Digest:

We've been telling our friends for months that sooner or later the U.S. Treasury secretary would come out and publicly say something ridiculous in defense of the U.S. dollar – much like a banana republic's finance minister on the eve of devaluation. Today, we got our first actual taste... On Sunday, Geithner said the U.S. "will never" lose its triple-A credit rating. Never is a very long time. And if you believe the representative of a bankrupt government, there's a bridge in Brooklyn you should look into buying...

Watching Geithner lie through his teeth reminded us of July 2008, when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke assured us Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were "adequately capitalized" and "in no danger of failing." One month earlier, I'd written an issue of my newsletter (Porter Stansberry's Investment Advisory) titled "Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Are Going to Zero." I was watching Bernanke's testimony on TV in a hotel room on the 30th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in .....





News Busted (Humor)


ILL-Advised Business Names (Humor)

Here are just a few examples of real life "ILL Advised Business Names" from Mental Floss which we linked to the remainder of these ..... um ..... "premium" business names :-) We hope that you find them a fun as we do .....







This package store is just outside of Atlanta. (Thanks, Lucy!)





Click Here for more "Ill advised Business Names" from Mental Floss :-)



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