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AECNU Updates .....

Howdy ho everyone - This is an update to all the things going on here at AECNU.

Starting with ..... we will be going on vacation for all of next week so there will be no news letter or anything during the week.

We will have laptops with us to monitor the network and servers and we have been working hard to prepare for our vacation event.


Dedicated Server Guard

After working for what seems like forever - Dedicated Server Guard is waxing the spammers, scammers, and hackers butts to the tune of they almost no longer have any effect on our servers both in the US and in Europe.

PPC and Classified Marketing

Our new PPC program to compete with Google since they ripped us off is working like a charm and tracking is flawless to include the click fraud portion :-)

Though we have not finished the PPC/Marketing web site which lacks the operational but not completely finished Classified Advertising Section, we have managed to pick up a couple advertisers just the same in the PPC Program.

Face Press Site

Our web site and service has had many updates to it that have yet to be announced.

Once back from vacation we will be updating the underlying WordPress Software that is the Engine of and deleting the many abandon web sites from the service.

For those whom are not aware is a Web Site Blog platform that can even facilitate ecommerce and much more with easy to use intuitive interface and premium plugins for those whom subscribe to the premium service.

There is a free version available which is advertising supported by our very own PPC program.


There are many great events going on out there and we have been so busy replacing Google in our business and getting things prepared for vacation we have not had time to participate in many of the current events.

We sincerely apologize to those partners of ours that we were unable to attend their events this time around - but we will be back and furious after a well needed and deserved vacation.

This problem with Google ripping off our adsense earnings due to "third party activities" (not click fraud), closing our account, replacing them with our own PPC Program, replacing their GAN affiliate products, and the WordPress Update to version 3.2 within the last ten days or so has really hurt us in keeping up with events and promotions.

We will finish up gift and OTO approval and will be present for the launching in a few days of our next upcoming event Hot Summer Vacation 2 Giveaway

Thursday's newsletter should come out as regularly scheduled and we hope to get into a couple more Giveaway events as our last before leaving on vacation.




Essential Rules of Liberty Link repaired .....

In our last newsletter the link to The Essential Rules of Liberty in the article somehow got messed up and here is the correct link:

Thanks Bob for writing in and letting us know :-)



STILL kicking the snot out of Go Daddy .....

on .com and .us Domain Names

AECNU Domain Pricing Per Year
All sale/sales prices are listed in USD ($).
  1 yr 2 yrs 5 yrs 10 yrs
COM* 9.99 9.99 9.99 9.99
INFO*SAVE! 2.99 6.49 8.59 9.29
NET* 9.99 9.99 9.99 9.99
US * SAVE! 3.99 6.99 8.79 9.39
ORG* 9.99 9.99 9.99 9.99
BIZ* 9.95 9.85 9.55 9.99
* Plus ICANN fee of 18 cents per domain name year. Certain TLD's only.


We are also beating the snot out of them with SSL Certificates and much more .....

See for yourself



Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Hot Summer Vacation 2 Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU
Launches on: 07/15/2011
Closing Doors: 07/30/2011


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U.S. Gov obviously the REAL Terrorist of the World

US Treasury Secretary admits: Money printing has failed

So much for the bailout: Greek default could be "back on the table"

From Natural News:

It is now a widely reported fact that under the Obama administration, U.S. federal agents actively placed over 30,000 fully functional weapons into the hands of Mexican drug gangs, then halted all surveillance and tracking activities of where those weapons were going.

This is not a conspiracy theory, nor a piece of fiction. It is now an openly-admitted fact that this was pulled off by the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, more commonly called "ATF") under orders from Washington. The program was called "Fast and Furious."

Even Reuters is now covering the news and reporting how members of Congress are outraged to learn that this happened.

Details are also starting to leak about the cover-up inside ATF, which was led by the U.S. Attorney in Arizona, Dennis Burke, an Obama appointee. The engineering of the illegal gun running went right up the chain of command to the director of the ATF, Kenneth Melson, who is now expected to resign. The real planning of this event went even higher up the chain of command in Washington...


No Shit Sherlock - think what those Trillions would have done for Social Security instead ..... IDIOT

From Bruce Krasting:

Some refreshing words from the Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, this morning on Meet the Press. He had this to say: "We don't have the ability (because of the overhang in housing and the problems in the financial sector) to artificially engineer a stronger recovery."

Imagine that! Geithner acknowledges what I (and many others) have felt all along. The structural issues in the economy trump the government's ability to engineer a recovery.

The Fed has taken extraordinary measures on the monetary front. Since 2009 we have had $1.2 trillion of fiscal stimulus measures as well. We have had TARP and the bailouts of Fannie and Freddie. But the evidence is clear that it has not worked. Unemployment is today near a record and the more important measure, U6, is at 16.2% (about where it was a year ago) Nothing that has been done has moved the needle...

The EU obviously took lessons from Geithner .. Stupid

From Pragmatic Capitalism:

The Financial Times is reporting that a Greek default might be back on the table. European leaders are clearly failing to come to some sort of workable long-term solution to the single currency system.

As I've previously discussed, the great flaw in the Euro is that it results in trade imbalances where the core's current account surplus results in an ever expanding current account deficit for the periphery. Because there is no floating exchange rate between the nations (as a result of the single currency system) there is no mechanism by which trade can balance itself. The result is the world you see today where the periphery nations are forced to counter their current account deficits via large budget deficits. Obviously, there is a limit to how much these revenue constrained nations can borrow. This leads to the solvency concerns we are currently seeing across the region.

Ultimately, there is only one solution to this issue...




Jodi Miller and NewsBusted are on Vacation this week and will be back next week ..... meanwhile we present an oldie but goodie ...

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