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2017 and interesting year of new technologies

Chrome to add security warnings to http web sites 2017

Many folks just don't get it

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2017 an interesting year of integrating new technologies

2017 shall be yet another year of leaps forward in implemented technologies and even higher performing systems.

Here are some of the gangbusters and highlights of what's to come ...


PHP 7 will become "native" - new servers will be configured with php 7 as the native PHP running on the server versus the current native which is PHP 5.4.45 - the ability to use php selector to choose versions of php lower then PHP 7.0 all the way down to PHP 4.4 shall remain.

Note: PHP 7 is already available on our shared servers using the php selector choosing PHP 7 from the drop down menu of available php versions.


IPv6 will become native as well - we are breaking out on the IPv6 IP ranges now that WHM/cPanel have integrated enough that one can actually manage IPv6 via WHM.

Note: We are already running IP v6 on our company server and Berlin servers be1 and bu5.


EasyApache3 Deprecation is Coming:

cPanel has announced that they will be deprecating EasyApache3 in order to migrate all current users to EasyApache4.

This week they revealed that this will occur in cPanel v62, which is currently planned for a January 2017 release.

If you have been dragging your feet on migrating your cPanel servers to EasyApache4 you should start getting your plans ready now as there are some changes to the standard means of configuring your Apache upgrades.

Starting with cPanel version 58 EasyApache4 will now be the default for new installations of cPanel. 

CentOS 7

Of course the underlying OS Enterprise grade CentOS will be updated as well to include the Cloud Linux overlay if applicable which Cloud Linux helps keep shared hosting environments secure via caging of each individual cPanel account.



Chrome to add Security

Warning to http sites 2017


The Google Chrome Security team announced the browser will begin labeling HTTP connections as insecure starting in January 2017.

Chrome currently displays a green lock icon in the address bar for sites that are secure but the security team will be taking it one step further by displaying a warning on unencrypted sites.

“Beginning in January 2017 (Chrome 56), we’ll mark HTTP sites that transmit passwords or credit cards as non-secure, as part of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure,” said Chrome Security Team member Emily Schechter. The first step in the plan ... Read More ...




Many Folks just don't get it

Just in the last month or so we have seen several people not only lax in their site security of their own web sites including updates but also not paying attention to our newsletters either ... and then due to this fact submit a support ticket for something that is not only in a newsletter but in the announcements and knowledge base as well.

One would think with all the things going on this would be something they would give attention to because it will actually save them time not having to deal with things as they come ... including the tragedy of being hacked.

Complacency is obvious at all levels of society and beyond ridiculous:


*Half a Billion Yahoo Users’ Data Stolen

You read that right ... half a billion and people trust these fools! Not us! And the ripple effect of the Yahoo hack could Endanger Thousands of Non-Yahoo Accounts and what is even more ridiculous is that it took Yahoo either two years to disclose the data breach or two years to find it ... either way Yahoo apperas to be stone cold idiots and trying to blame the hack as a "state" sponsored attack but have not posted nor suggested any evidence nor references backing that up.

They made it easy for their clients to use their service and even easier to be hacked and loose hundreds of thousands of clients email data.


This is why our security is so tight on our systems and with security we do not play games.

Every single hack we have had ... which there have been a few client sites hacked, have ALL come down to proven coder complacency and incompetence as the hackers ... which are also coders ... have proven time and again they are much more competent at finding the security holes in code then the original coder if the original coder had any effort at all about the security of their code - which also WordPress themselves are provably guilty.

We find time and again clients not updating their code and WordPress versions going all the way back to 3+ still running on sites ... but all the versions including version 2.5 prior to the current version 4.6.1 have massive security holes in them.

This is why in an effort to help our clients we keep pitching the FREE Infinite WP WordPress management software.

This is why we also made Infinite WP a low cost $3.95 month SaaS service including hosting it  with us of course for those clients who cannot install it themselves for whatever reason.

There is no excuse for having outdated WordPress installations to include plugins and themes with the free Infinite WP being available ... we use it ourselves updating our own 20+ WordPress MultiSites taking about two minutes as one does not need to sit there while the updates are happening.

We start the software ... it tells us which sites, plugins and themes need updated, and then we click update all. Easy peasy.


Video on just how easy coming with our next newsletter!



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Breaking News!

DDoS attack takes down Twitter, Amazon and Paypal

On 21 October 2016 a massive DDoS attack temporarily took down Twitter, Amazon and PayPal.

Though our clients web sites are provably attacked daily ... our security systems to date have fought them off with a vengeance though sometimes it takes a minute or two for the systems to take the attackers down blocking their IP's.


Facts do not cease to exist even if they are ignored ... Nor do the facts change simply because somebody became offended by them.

Cloud Flare News - DDoS Attack - 10-21-2016

Dear Cloudflare Partners,

Today there is an ongoing, large scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack directed at Dyn DNS. While Cloudflare services are operating normally, if your customers are using both Cloudflare and Dyn services, your customers’ websites may be affected.

Specifically, if you are using Dyn DNS and your customers are on Cloudflare using Partial (CNAME) setup, requests to your customers’ websites may fail due to Dyn DNS’s unavailability, resulting in a “1001” error message.

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