Subject: 2009 Stupid Contractor Awards, Web Hosting - $5. for 500MB's and much more



Greetings Friend, welcome to another edition of the AECNU JV Partners Newsletter :-)

1) Bob writes in about Web Hosting - $5. for 500MB's

2) Bob writes back :-) regarding OTO's

3) 2009 Stupid Contractor awards

4) Giveaways seeking JV Partners/Contributors



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Bob writes in about Web Hosting - $5. for 500 MB's

Below is an email received from Bob whom I spelled her name backwards so that nobody will know whom we are talking about :-) Bob was originally inquiring to us about installing a script. Bob writes:

Please send me the link with the price of the install included.

Also - do you have hosting ?    If not could you suggest good hosting?
I have used several and am not happy with them.
Tried - Go Daddy, HostGator, and Host4profit.

Thanks! Bob [Bob's LLC]

Our reply to Bob .....

Greetings Bob :-)
yes we have hosting - our core business is that we are an ISP in the United States and a Telecommunications Company in Europe :-)
We do Internet Marketing for fun :-) when things are slow, which is quite often due to the reliability of our networks. Of course once in awhile Murphy does show his face and throws a wrench into things :-S
If you would like to try our hosting, I offer you our basic package - $5. a month with 500 MB of space (we currently do not have Bandwidth Limits since we started offering hosting in 1993).
I am confident that you will be pleased with our hosting :-)


Bob has joined our hosting and we are going to make this special offer $5 for 500MB's available to those subscribers whom are interested until we run out of space!

Just click the PayPal button below signing up for a subscription and we will send our Name Server Info and other instructions necessary to use the hosting to the PayPal email address used to subscribe to our hosting.


In addition, after payment with PayPal you will be returned to our Contact Us form where you should fill out the form and include your primary domain that you want to use for this account - and the answer is yes that you can host more then one domain with your $5 for 500MB's account and you will be able to add and delete them yourself :-) If you do not have a Domain Name, or if you want to purchase one you can get it here at our Domain Name Registry starting at just $1.99 for 1 year domain name registration :-)

We reserve the right to cancel this offer at anytime without notice. All accounts are subject to our web hosting terms of service.




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Bob writes back :-) regarding OTO's

We were delighted when Bob wrote back to us after reading that her letter had been published with a response :-) ..... by the way ..... as usual we spelled Bob's name backwards so that no one will know whom we are talking about :-)

You can read Bob's original letter by simply clicking here :-)

Well Bob wrote back as mentioned above and here is what Bob had to say :-)

Hi Joseph,

Yes I was elated when I saw my message in your newsletter,

and it was fun disguised as Bob whose name is spelled

backwards :-). Thanks a lot for posting it and thanks for

the very enlightening reply.


You're  a b s o l u t e l y  right about your mention

regarding the cookies and how they could affect one

time offers. I am only learning that now from what you

said and as I'm tinkering around with various

membership site scripts.


For me, I guess it will be safest not to mention anymore in

the  a b s o l u t e  sense that people are going to see an

offer only once, or to tell them that an offer will be

expiring soon, knowing full well that they might see it

again due to 'cookie' issues. I n s t e a d  of saying

'you will see this page only once', the better wording

could be 'you might not see this page again' or

'this might be your only chance to see this page'.

This way, credibility is not compromised at all.


Thanks again for the information you shared and I do love

r e a d i n g  your newsletter.

More success and power to you.

Best regards,



Indeed Bob, you are absolutely right and a solution is at hand with the careful wording of your offer :-) Another solution is the right software :-)

I am surprised that more marketers have not thought of this or do they not care about their credibility?

There is a lesson to be learned for new and seasoned marketers alike from Bob, but is anybody listening or paying attention???



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2009 Stupid Contractor Awards


Ladies & Gentlemen, Good evening and welcome to the 2009 Stupid Contractor Awards.  And the Nominees are:











                         and the winner is ..... Drum roll please











Giveaways seeking JV Partners/Contributors


Independence Day Giveaway - 300 USD Referral Contest

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Reed Floren's Great Giveaway Event

Launches on:     06/19/2009
Closing Doors:   06/26/2009


Giveaway Jubilee - Special Summer Giveaway

Launches on:     06/25/2009
Closing Doors:   07/25/2009


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