Free QuickBooks Cert Course with Accountrepreneur Package

April 23rd, 2013 at 8:07 am MDT
A PERSONAL INVITATION As Vice President of National Enrollment here at Universal, I want to personally invite you to take advantage of this limited time offer based on your interest in starting and growing your own successful accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation service. Read below why Universal's unique position makes us the perfect partner in your success as the Accountrepreneur you were meant to be.  There's never been a better time to start!      - Clay Neves
FREE QuickBooks Certification Course
PLUS 2 full years expert coaching support,
when you enroll by Friday, 4/26 in our Accountrepreneur Package,
and why it's your BEST option for starting your own successful accounting/bookkeeping and tax practice!
  (see details below)
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Tuition discounts and student financing available 


Noun: An accounting professional who starts and grows their own successful practice beyond himself/herself to also make money from others' work to multiply his/her income and the asset value of their practice.    

  1. Start by yourself and figure out how to do it as you go.
    ADVANTAGE: Less expensive and simpler to start.
    DISADVANTAGE: More costly in the long run.  It will take months/years of experimenting to learn the things we already know about what works and what doesn't. 
    It even took Thomas Edison hundreds of tries to get it right with the light bulb.  You will also find it much easier to give up on the brink of success when you're on your own. 
  2. Find a Franchise Opportunity.
    ADVANTAGE: You have a step by step proven formula for success.  Your Franchisor can also offer ongoing support and coaching.
    DISADVANTAGE: Very expensive with up-front franchise fees in the 10s of thousands of dollars and monthly royalties of 10-15%, for as long as you have your business.    
    ADVANTAGE:  You'll learn the tried and proven formula for success that Universal has taught for more than 30 years to thousands of successful students throughout the United States and Canada, and our complete expert support coaching for 2 full years, without the high Franchise Fees and ongoing royalties.  In fact, your very first client will more than pay for your affordable tuition.  
Our ACCOUNTREPRENEUR MASTER COURSE (PB,PTP,UPB,PBG) gives you the "Success Formula" and on-going support of a franchise without all the exorbitant franchise fees.  All the advantages, with none of the disadvantages.  
Regardless of your experience, we'll show you how - step by step.  If you can add, subtract, multiply and divide; if you can follow instructions; if you like building processes and solving puzzles; if you can talk to people without fainting; if you can finish what you start, YOU CAN DO THIS!
Call us TODAY (8am - 6pm Mountain Time)
for more details or to get started!
Tuition discounts and student financing available 
Think of the security of steadily building to 10, 20, 30 clients or more with a trusted associate or two to do much of the work, paying you for their work as well as your own.

You will be building a valuable asset that you may be able to cash in on in a few years for hundreds of thousands of dollars after making 5-6 figures per year building it up. There's no limit to what you can achieve when you learn how to do it yourself and get others to multiply your income. That's an ACCOUNTREPRENEUR.

Enroll in our ACCOUNTREPRENUER MASTER COURSE by 2/28/13 and receive the Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to QuickBooks for FREE.

Tuition-in Full Bonus:  We will train your first associate in up to two of the courses, absolutely FREE!
How's this for income potential:

Earn $300 to $400 per month per client.
- Earn $150-$250 per individual return.  
- Earn $700-$800 per corporate return.
- Average client pays $5000/year including monthly
  write-up, tax prep, setup
,back-work and consulting. 
- Get 2-5 clients/month with proven marketing methods.
- Make $50-$80 per hour for monthly write-up year round.
- Make $100-$200 per hour doing tax preparation.
- We're here to support you every step of the way!

Your first client more than pays for your courses! 
And with our online self-paced audio and video courses, online and telephone support by expert instructors and other student resources you will receive, if you'll do your part, your success is assured!     
Call us TODAY (8am - 6pm Mountain Time)
for more details or to get started!
Tuition discounts and student financing available 

Enroll by 2/28/13 and get QuickBooks Certification Training for FREE!
Handle your own tuition for an associate trained in 2 programs FREE!
2 FULL YEARS of expert support and coaching!

From Learning to Earning in Just a Few Weeks!

Everything you need to quickly succeed
Maximum synergy for maximum success.

The Professional Bookkeeper Course (PB)
Professional Bookkeeper (PB) Certification
 - Small business accounting/bookkeeping
- From A-Z, shoebox to financials
- 12 proven marketing strategies


The Professional Tax Preparer Course (PTP) 
Professional Tax Preparer (PTP) Certification
- Individual and business tax preparation
- IRS, NASBA and CTEC approved.

The Universal Practice Builder Course (UPB)
Become an accounting marketing expert
- Proven marketing strategies, tactics, tools
- Develop and implement step by step plan

- Multiply and accelerate your marketing

Professional Bookkeepers Guide to QuickBooks (PBG)
- QuickBooks Specialist (QS) Certification
- FREE with tuition-in-full enrollment this week!

- Full online access to course text and video instruction.
- 2-year expert instructor support coaching - academic while completing your
  course as well as while actually working with clients after the course, in
  bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation plus marketing and sales. 
- Online testing center.
- Online knowledge base. 

- Tuition-In-Full Bonus: A second student trained for FREE!
Call us TODAY (8am - 6pm Mountain Time)
for more details or to get started!
Tuition discounts and student financing available.
Offer expires, 6:00pm Mountain Time, Friday, April 26, 2013